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Era, the xfinity center here in college park, Maryland as we get set for basketball tonight. It's Indiana, the Maryland Terrapins the tariffs coach, Mark Turgeon. Now, it is eight season with this basketball program. He's done a remarkably good job since he's been here. One hundred seventy win eighty four loss record this year's team thirteen and three and four and one of the big ten after a big win this past out against Minnesota on the road back. They've lost. They won both of their last to ball games on the road at Rutgers. And of course, would against the gophers are Scotty reporters always is brought to you by Nissan. We had a chance to talk to coach charging before tonight's game about this batch. Here's our conversation. Mark you've got a really young basketball team. But they're playing really, well, we're getting better. We have some talent young talent. And they have confidence and recently. We've we've played at a at a really good clip. So it's good to see you see them getting more confident which with each game with each possession which each practice, and it's been good. It's been good to see the guy. They like each other. They care about each other a lot and we are young. We don't talk about it. He's trying to be the best thing. We can got a really good frontline player Bruno Fernando. And obviously the Smith kid has helped you there as well. Well, yeah. Bruno's maybe one of the most improved players in the country. He's really worked from last year. Really proud of him. Ted, the right mindset. Great work habits. And then Janna Smith was a highly ranked player coming out of high school. Cata getting used to play with another big. I it's been kind of hard for him. And now we're starting to figure it out. We're getting him more involved offense. He's getting more comfortable those to really work well together. So yeah, it's it's a great front line. One of the best I've ever had. And most talented you've always got a good point guard and Anthony Collins, no exception. Yeah. Anthony's good. He's he hasn't shot the ball like Anthony Cowan can shoot it in the last game. He made some shots which was good for us to see Harry is really helped him. Eric runs. Some of the point force and takes pressure off Anthony, but Anthony's really gotten better. I don't know if his numbers show that but as a coach knowing player understanding how to play and make guys around him better. And making better decisions. He's come a long ways with the group that you have are you playing any differently than your Maryland teams play not really we played zone the other night, which was on her. Yeah. That was unheard of for me. But I don't expect to do that much, but we had to. But no, we're we're planning a lot like we always have a pipeline a little bit faster. Around a little bit different offensively. You have to in today's world you've got to keep up with it and team scouts. So while you gotta constantly tweak things, but lot same way we rely on our defense, rebounding. And but this team's really gotten better at and hopefully knock on wood. We'll do it again tonight. We've we've cut our turnovers down the last five or six games much better team impressions of India. Talented. I got two elite scores Lankford and Morgan Morgan. John Lewis, kids good. He's gotten so much better in Lankford is is as advertised so they're young team too. The continue to get better. Archie does a great job with them defensively? They're terrific. They're hard to guard because those two players are so dynamics so. You see the young kids getting better. So they've had a heck of a year. So far that they had a lot of really good wins and off to a terrific start. So should be a great college basketball game critical factors for your tonight. Well, we always try to make it about us. So it's it's about, you know. Doing well offense in sharing the ball and not turn it over because they're pretty dynamic and on the break, and that's important for us. I think you gotta do the best job. He can I'm Morgan and Lankford they're going to score and they're going to get points. But you gotta make and then we gotta finish our possessions defensively with the rebound and we've done that for the most part, but. There's a lot of keys, but that's just a few. And that is the head coach.

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