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Listening to legal issues. Also experience your is one of my favorite songs ever period. And so i was like. Let's just fucking plan and that a church has knock really know why would turn to. They were like yeah. This about coming is meant for church. Like oh my got owing so funny i. I showed my playlist. That i made because i i may dislike. Alzheimer's also made playlist with antigua alejandro hernandez bronco even girl. Kobe has before. But anyway i showed it to my friends and i was like this is what i've been listening to and my friends league. Oh has. Kobe major religious. Because you've never heard this. This song expanded exponentially the hillside. By and i was like i was like. Yeah it's about how holy placebos or some shit like that. But she believed me. She's like. Oh i'm gonna listen to report. Yeah that's new phone support but it's definitely it's definitely not a religious long about god but Yeah it's a good song. I'm sorry it's so fucking good. Moves mean like i love it even though that list i cook with it but anyway that's why i was gonna come down between and we ignore these are y'all wanted to list colonizer this bitch and we pick this bitch for now. You can't count. This is this was Cassandra's coverted speaking so council. Please yeah i'm not okay. I'm literally she's literally not okay. Trust her and so it's like. I don't even know what it's like to going to say. Oh yeah that reminds me. If you by the time we get the next episode we will have merch probably and if you're a patriot fan. You're gonna get first dibs. Everything is limited applies. Because this is the way the cookie combos. I can't even say that cute cookie. Cookie crumbles kamala. We'll get crumble. So there's limited supply. Supplies lasts where like a sham. While only here when you have us but we finally have verge homey so if you're if you're a patron of your throne yes we're i'm not being biased. Just so cute and our our patriots have seen and they helped us with like the design mccullers and stuff so we definitely listen to you. You know your feedback but there's some stuff y'all haven't seen it's super gay and cute and it's just somewhere else. Wow i.

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