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From a family movie and joining us cbs news entertainment correspondent bilberg goalie bill a sequel to that movie in the news that's right well with the looming prospect of bankruptcy dozens of harassment and assault charges levelled at founder harvey weinstein the weinstein company has sold its north american distribution rights to paddington two brothers named producer david heymann has strong ties would want her brother's because of the harry potter films and the sequel paddington to is currently number one in the uk and open here in january he and other entertainment notes these dangerous the past that's a clip from an eagerlyawaited film bill tell us more about justice league costars ben affleck gal gadot and henry cavill bruce wayne seeks to help of wonderwoman and other superheroes to battle steppenwolf and henry cavill place superman was asked if we need superheroes yes it's very important that we have superheroes to go shows the light and show us great examples and may be idealistic exam but there's nothing wrong with idealism because it's a great target to shoot for we probably won't hit it we can get close justice league on two bigs rain cbs news entertainment corresponded bilberg hollywood azzam reporters round up thank you bill tuesday the barnes foundation i contemporary artists this paying respects to an old master who has his own dedicated museum a block away all the parkway cable to be a steve tower caught the preview at the barnes before the exhibit the exhibition opens on friday and is with us in a studio steve what will we be saying well there are more than one hundred works of art steve including painting sculpture and books by atom kiefer along with watercolour drawings and sculptures by august rodin barnes executive director tom college says it's noteworthy since helped grow the early reputation of down way back wet his first us exhibition was presented at the centennial international exhibition of eighteen seventy six kiefer exhibition called curator sylvia pot trade though thinks about what happened back that was no i'm afraid but then he became a star in the us around 800 hoover was born in germany in the mid 1940s now lives in france portray points out although separated by a hundred.

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