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Pick up the Milwaukee Health and Economy briefing with two of the really bright guys in southeast Wisconsin, Tim she he is the president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. Doctor John Raymond is the medical College of Wisconsin president and CEO. Gentlemen. Thanks for waiting through the news for us, John Let's begin with this. Dr. Raymond, I would like to play this clip from the president. This is from earlier today and then ask you a question related to this. We're gonna have a vaccine in a matter of a matter of weeks. It could be four weeks. It could be eight weeks, but we're gonna have and we're getting very good results, and it's really looking good. Okay, so maybe news there. Maybe not. He kind of hedge his bet. First, he said, a matter of weeks and I guess weeks could be 20 or 30 weeks. But the question is this. When will covert 19 vaccine likely be ready? And when will it be safe? Yeah, Thanks again. A lot of this is going to depend on what happens over the next few weeks in terms of safety profiling for the three vaccines Aaron Fe three trials in the U. S. But I think it is likely that we'll have at least one vaccine available on a limited basis in the U. S before the end of this calendar year, and I do think that people are very concerned about safety and AstraZeneca was probably the leader and they had to halt their trials in Brazil in the UK Or days last week because a single peso patient and received their covert 19 vaccine developed a very rare condition called transfers Myelitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. Brazil in the UK allowed them to resume the studies, but the U. S FDA and and I a chair want more information before taken awhile that to resume here, But the other two vaccine makers their face retrials continue. Dr Raymond. I've been in a couple places in the last couple of weeks. I've had my temperature taken the little thermo gun up to my forehead and then I was allowed to go in. Is that an effective indicator of Cove it or if you're asymptomatic, Could you still have it in the temperature won't be indicated. What's your view on taking temperatures is an indicator. Yeah, thanks, John. It's not a bad idea, because it's relatively easy to do And it's an expensive. The problem is that have have the people with covert 19 are have no symptoms. So when they're infectious, and that temperature screen isn't going to catch them, on the other hand, it will maybe caused People to reflect on their symptoms. If they're if they're temperature's elevated and you could protect your employees and customers if somebody does have a fever, if you if you prevent them from going into your establishment So here's my question related to that. I mean, if I've just walked from my car and I'm really hot or I'm just under the weather, or I normally have a higher baseline temperature. Could I be turned away when really, I don't have anything to worry about. You could be, but you could come back in a few minutes after you cool off. You know, I just got off service taking care of patients in the last week and they wouldn't allow us to go on the patient Ward if we didn't screen with a normal temperature, So you know, I do think there's an indication there. Tim. I wanted to ask. You have been waiting all day to talk to you a little bit about the Dear District area New Hotel announced down there. The walkie Public Museum and Betty Brynner moving in down there. I'm surprised that one there space still available into that area continues to boom. This seems to be really great news for downtown. It is great news and maybe a little counterintuitive when hotel occupants he's running under 40% that you would see a new hotel going up, but it is, you know, north of the district. It's great news. On DH that will be sandwiched in between the Pfizer Forum and what hopefully is the new home for the Milwaukee Public Museum and Betty brand? So it again it really helps bolster the vibrancy of the downtown and really bolster the vibrancy of the region and to great examples of what we could do to help. Attract people to the region with these new amenities. Tim, Are you a Hilton guy? A Marriott guy or something else? It depends on I don't have. I don't have a favorite flavor. Let's put it that way. So it depends on the location in price. All right. Hey, guys, I'd like to end the week by asking you both this the most promising news of the week in the most challenging news, Tim, let's stay with you, most promising, most challenging Well, the most promising news, I think is the advent of better rapid testing, and I'm actually going to connected Tio most of our clay's comment about traffic delays So the more rapid testing we have, the more likely people are going to, you know, come back to the office and the more likely we're gonna have Traffic delays, which is good news in this environment. The downside, I think is run off of the PPP program in only 30% of capacity coming back to the airlines. So as we get to October, I'm afraid we're going to see maybe one in five jobs in the airline industry disappear. Yeah, That's a tough one. Dr Raymond promising challenging. I want to start with the challenging, you know, we are having a surge of new cases in Wisconsin and a little bit of Ah, backsliding here in Milwaukee in terms of Howard to him with the pandemic. On the other hand, the good news is that most of these new cases wherein young people, and we're not seeing a spike in hospitalizations or adapt yet and hopefully we can keep it that way. Dr John Raymond, the president and CEO of the Medical College of Wisconsin. And Tim she. Mm. Macy's president. I always wish we had more time, Gentlemen. Thank you so much. Thank you. It is for 39. We're sponsored by Annex Wealth management. Dave's final with the money Talk minute does pre cold. The data matter. It does because it's a reminder of where the country was heading before the pandemic hit, and each time there is news of a potential vaccine. The market reacts like we saw today, according to new data from the Census Bureau. 2019 saw income of U. S households increase. By almost 7% to a record level. While the number of people in poverty declined to a 60 year low we were still in an economic expansion with a low unemployment. Then the Corona virus arrived, lost jobs. Market volatility toss in civil unrest in the presidential election, and the path isn't as clear as it wass at an ex wealth management. We've helped clients navigate markets like these for decades. Get ready for what's next. It's time to work with a fee on Ly Fiduciary. It's easy head to annex wealth dot com and quickly get started button. I'm Dave spotted from an ex wealth management and that's your money. Talk. Alright, Traffic and weather on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon begins with Debbie laws ago. How's that ride? Well, North Island 41 Still gonna bet backed.

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