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Todd wanted kennedy result good morning bush might frenzy is here oh what are you here we got for a throwback thursday interviewed a sworn in kenner i forgot it's thursday i know it's throwback thursday agriculture guida vega because i don't know which way as of anymore sleeping unlike the bad in an empty house once the big move tomorrow we supposed to be today but i got my dates stronger some things are moving tomorrow but his advisors are unlikey i now but it's gonna rain all day such probably the about what do you got for weather can rain all day and a high of sixty two or eight nuts hit he hates them three live the rise to tell ya the dow my perrine are the house in the neighborhood that always decorate for halloween and i thought we could have found upon with her lawyer that's my girlfriend's parents house i made his notch huge huge fan of this here is the first fly for three allies to tell your mom i've got away to make us some money for the summer house by hosting a haunted house kennedy which lie number two they lie is i need the context for the insurance policy because we're going to have to increase our ally ability four said haunted house yeah you don't want people get hurt nope you the third lie hi i'm gonna need you to be there to accept delivery on some of the supplies for the haunted house this sunday like a dozen black cats a couple of ponies for the hey reid you know stuff like addict cetera okay you should order you should order a pumpkin chonkin okay so you understand how this works three lies to tell your mom lied number one that you're gonna.

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