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Out 24 7 It's always being updated, always being kept current and always full of helpful information free of charge. T h i pro dot com With that I'm gonna head straight into the call 713 to 125874 or 866937 0003 We're gonna head toe Orange, Texas Larry, How are you today? Hate you. Yeah, I had a question for you. Matter of vs sch angles as if things would have shingles would have. Ah. Something called Tech shell underneath that? Yep. Are you and which one would you recommend? Well, it depends on why you're looking at one versus the other because the Czech shield is nothing but an I. Ah, The board. That's underneath that it would have a radiant barrier on it. Basically, that's not Oh, and you could do that under either one of those materials, so Shingle is going to be far less expensive than a metal roof. But the metal roof is going to give you that certain look and durability that you're not going to get out of shingles. I think the Room room room are the metal roof will last longer than the Oh, absolutely. Okay? All right. That's what I need to know. Now. One other thing, I will tell you it'll last longer. It'll give you that different look and and sound of, obviously when it rains, But one thing that people a lot of times forget to check on. Get a lot of times save you on your insurance is well. Right now with the metal roof. Be better for heat in the attic, then jingle. It depends on how you ventilate. Normally I would put a known one before JJ given air gap in between it And if you did that, absolutely it would help. Okay? All right. That's what I need to know. Thank you very much. You bet. Take here. Again 713 to 125874 or 866937 0003 We're going to go to Tom Ball and Maryland. Welcome to Texas home improvement. But thank you. I enjoy your programmes takes A lot of wisdom. I have a question about another. What I can plan. Our concrete deck is protected from mode and mildew. Just protective period. I guess maybe it will take it from there as well. Well, a concrete dick. I mean, it's going to get some mold and mildew so that they grow on and you taught my just where it's turning black. Or is it actually getting green mildew on it? Well, I just That's just sort of brand new one. So what work? Maybe, but some type of objection over so before it gets that direction, Yeah. Well, you know it. Because of our Climate that we're in and the pollution in our area and stuff. No, it does tend to build up. On concrete and give it that that black finish on it. That has pressure washed off. Now you can put a concrete sealer on it and things like that. That will make it easier to clean it off. But you're still gonna have that that buildup on it. That has to be cleaned off periodically, and nothing is going to do away with that. Now, some of the products like wet and forget, spraying. Forget can be put on And that will I'm sorry. What was it? What was it called again? Well, what wet and forget? Yes. And spray and forget those kind of products. Khun B. Sprayed on and not only does it help clean it. But it also, Ah slows the ability for it to come right back again, but it will eventually come back. Oh, you do it for a year. I mean, just maybe give it from built it up like that, or whatever. You know, usually for as far as cleaning the concrete, once every 1 to 3 years is usually all it needs. Oh, well, that's pretty good. Yeah. Well, I was thinking really much. That's all I need to know. You have a blessed day today. You as well. Take care. What You know, for cleaning concrete that way, if you get one of those little circle things that has the the sprayer that spins that you can hook up to a pressure washer. They do amazing and they make it very quick to clean the concrete as well. So again 713 to 125874 or 866937 0003 and I'll see what I can do to help you out here on Texas home through what we're going to go down to sugar land and Manny. Welcome are going to help you along time. Vizner caller. How are you? I'm doing good. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for taking my call. They have the door from the garage. Going to the side of the house. The doorframe is ah! Locked it on the bottom. I guess it was, uh, maybe they're thinking of making it are the rainwater that we don't have that side of the house. So it is the bottom of the frame on port and is now still stable. But I could be the turning black and then back into some water of Nikki into the garage, so trying to see what it did to our victim. I wasn't door. Okay. And did you say it's the door itself? That's doing it or or the framework around the door while the daughter they find the frame around the bottom, probably a 1/4 of the frame's starting now. Okay, So you've got a choice here. One is you can take that whole board off and replace it. And when you do replace it, go back with treated it last much longer. Or and this is the builder builder for state. I'm not sure what you were six years old. Yeah, and I don't know why they don't use treated lumber because They know the water splashing on the concrete is going to cause this issue, And usually they even bevel it at the bottom, which makes it even to me, makes it even worse because it gives it more surface area that that is not the face of it, you know? So what a lot of times people do, though, is they just cut the bottom foot or two off? In space. Another piece on there. Now even very carefully and measure everything out to a T. You can actually cover that joint up and really not see it at all..

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