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Always enjoyed chatting with gig. Arbu saucy always get something out of it. He's got that dry wit. That's just hilarious and It should be a pretty interesting title fight on friday. Connecticut stylistically man. It's interesting and we'll hear from john salter later on to get his take on on the fight and how he sees it all going down boy who head to our next gas. He'll be headlining. A big belts card himself this time in two months in russia. Whether you like it or not. Tim johnson all right. Let us welcome in tim. Johnson as you may have seen around a week or so ago. This man filled the spot that a lot of people in the heavyweight division were hoping to fill he scheduled to travel to moscow russia. Fight fate or a million and go on. October twenty. Third tim first off. Congratulations on getting the fight. How are you. Thanks appreciate that. I do pretty good l. life life. Get a little more hectic by the day. I guess i bet it's it is great to have you here a lot to discuss you first off. We heard a lot of names in this conversation. You were preparing to fight for an interim heavyweight title against badar protege balancing ball bosque when this news started to or it's coming back. How did this all happen. Like what was sort of the timeline from that. fight with. Adolf's key for the interim title to landing this by with fayed or knocked-over took of Up ready to add the hostile will get stitched up and Like all the call agent right away at my My name in the hat or fate or dollars lot names getting thrown around those like well. I don't like it. i'm not gonna like sitting around and see what happens Talking to a little bit after that is like oh maybe there's other names of some. I didn't really know how much of a chance i had And all you know they decide on. You.

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