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Folks. When I when I investigate I go, of course. Well, yes, she was getting a shoe still getting like thousand something like surround there. And so she's got a little credibility. But I gotta tell you this time he has been he's been fucked up all day all day. I'm literally not. I feel like zoned out. Yes. Been to distract, you know, this is this competition. This is not for me to its competition for America Tommy's girlfriend. He's married to the game. Yeah. Every day that would be search or crop. No ring on it. We'll we're both married to the game. I it's just it's really bothered me. I just wanna bring up because I wanted to like what I should do. Because if you can't there's no way for me to concrete, and again, I don't want nobody like attack girls, but you're buying likes her by legs because it's possible about their bodies. But also possible that they have a weird fans or something that's buying likes for them. So can I punish or disqualify girl? Just for random fans of hers buying likes. I don't know if I could do that. But then she's not the true win. You do it across the border. You don't do it at all? But it's there's no way to know who's truly buying who's not. I think if everyone can buy likes, and it's just it's a it's the wild west you just let them go. Yeah. That's what this competition based on who has the most money to buy. It's who wants the thousand dollars the most what's. What's that? Who is the best costume? I'm willing to spend the most money to win thousand dollars. That's not what that show we dug in January two this is different. This is borstal has been eight hundred bucks to win at thousand dollars. Then there the real loser. Because they only went two hundred dollars, but we had to bring caps into this like Halloween costume caps. Just like the NBA, then it'll be all that stuff. Like, you can't spend over a thousand dollars. But we don't know they could be spending. You could they could be spending eleven hundred to win thousand you lose one hundred you get the prestige and honor of being the champion of forceful home. We do we know what the price ranges to buy likes how much they're spending. I've looked it up and also people like you can't buy pick. You can't buy likes on another person's pictures. Yes. You can I looked into it their websites, and there's different websites. But I remember looking into it last year at thinking, it wasn't crazy. Like, it wasn't very unaffordable to do it. You could buy good amount of likes and not exceed two thousand dollars. I mean, I it just seems extravagantly crazy to me that somebody would spend money to buy likes for a. Contest where the price is only a thousand dollars who's a legit conscious. Cloud them this contest. I'm I'm saying for thousand dollars if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars. I you have bregman their smoke show lore. If you win this contest alley Latisha little red Heidi hood, Haley canoe. So you are entering. I remember little red Heidi hook or entering this. Right during this pantheon of all time crates. We just wanna make sure you're entering it legally and fairly was little red. Had he had like two thousand eleven circa opens twenty sixteen win. I just posted her today. She's got a shot down. The crown again is flat slot of vitamin c. She is very healthy. All right ticket. Down over there. I'm sitting next don't make me nervous. So I'm just looking for a vice on basically, throwing a lifeline to students come through in times of need all the time. Have you reached out of these girls? And like, hey, you buy likes though, the one girl I did. And I told you she was like, I didn't I didn't. But I was just like keeping an eye on. I think you need to literally bring them into like an interrogation room in like crackdown on them. Good cop bad cop. I don't know. I just honestly makes me upset. I just wanted to be able to vent about it. You took a walk today. I I never got around to in the wall. But yeah, when I get out I'm gonna take a nice walk to deep breath little brisk walk. I was gonna write a blog about it. Or are there? I decided not to because I didn't want that girls. Like, look if you're gonna disqualifying me just don't make it a fan. I just feel like speaking is different than writing it. So this way, I'm able to explain you know, it's not the girls faults maybe unless they are buying likes. But something is afoot. I don't know what to do. Eight three three eight five seven eight six six five. Call me up. Give me a little bit. What do you guys think round? I told you I think you shouldn't bring her interrogator like Batman dark. Knight paying for these girls to fly in. So we can interrogate me. It's the most prestigious honor out there. It's gonna cost less than a thousand dollars a fly men. I said we do we have five six people. We have to interrogate we gotta get down to business. I don't like that idea much like what you're doing. I liked how you're going right after the main subject and asking her. Well, she she's the most clear, but again, there are other subjects out there. But she's the most clear case she has mostly Russians verse likes number smarty, the no purse, then I get numbers guy. But the thing is like I need this is integrity contest, and you need to. She's got do you think she'll ever even tell you the truth? Like even know like I said it's possible that use has some random fan of hers that loves it and his buying it for her. I really punish her just seen a got gay Pat twenty thousand dollars Jeff seen. This is a funny story on. Welcome jungle justina the larger girl from rough and rowdy who's been a ring girl. What else does she do ring girl? And she thought she posted she's like sixty thousand I think in our she posted a story that was like if you don't follow at gate, Pat, I'm gonna stop posting videos of myself working that was she post that gay Pat at four thousand followers. He woke up the morning like twenty five thousand dollars. She held it follows rates for her. Yeah. But I mean you like Howard that body. That's actually like what you like, Liz. I think that you should look at it. As if this person is willing to spend the money to win the she wants your honor so much that she's willing to spend six seven eight hundred dollars to make sure that she is the winter. I think instead of hating on you should embrace it. I'm sorry. I don't she wanted. Respecting too, much lace. What do you want to say? It is her game. Yes. She's spending money. So she can get closer to Tommy smokes. She took the game you gave her and she elevated. I can't elevate us. They just make me so upset like I've. So there's like thousands of submissions to go through those going through today. Harsh is not anymore. Does not knowing that the whole thing just a a scale nasty give it to mardi mushy. This next year. We will be revising the rules. So the borstal Halloween smoke show contest we have to because we cannot let this go on Tommy maybe a tournament like it's likes and then the top eight tournament poll voting of some sort. Can you say with the fine print would be right now read it fast? No, all right. We're gonna lawyers over it. Okay. Dibs. Why don't you lead us out to this break? What they never have I ever Brown tape. All right. Well, I have a pile of cards of never have I ever. And would you rather is this would you rather? All right. These could be bad because they're from a card game. Anyways. Would you rather there'd be a perpetual water balloon war going on your city? This is gonna suck already or your town perpetual, food fight. Download that's download no actually like horrible question. Okay. Tommy smokes. So that was brutal. No, I did not. Okay. At least I I did my job to town for city like it's clear that that's being specified. Why does that mean what will cities bigger than the town? Okay. All right. Well, it's all relative. I feel like hang on. I got to open it back up because I exited out change it. I'd rather just being says it says city it says city city verse town, so I'm taking the this is not where I thought this game record in the town that way, it's just less to deal with instead of whole city, audible and know that they're both cities. We're back on borstal radio half hour to go before the evening act takes over at five thirty with Jared Trent and the rest of over they round up for that gang. No, dave. No, kevin. It's me. Liz mush VIPs. And now we have the one like I said, it's hard to keep track of who the actual newest employees at borstal because it's just never ending, but one of the newest employee barstool KB, no swag and Kyle. How would you rather be referred to for this segment? I think I'm going to go with KB. I think it rolls off the tongue. My good yet. Talking up to. So I'm going to start with k b and let the people decide what they want to roll with. I think b flows off the tongue a little bit better. It's a little bit cooler. It's not that cool. But it's better than Kyle. So so you start when was your first official day yesterday yesterday for people who don't really know who you are. This is kind of a general question to just describe the your. But, but you are you exactly. I get you. So the the theme song was country roads. I'm from West Virginia. I'm not a WVU fan. But did you know that? Classic. I gave you must've known. I gave KB the unique opportunity to pick his own walkup song because I had no freaking clue to go. I was going to go with soldier boy. No term. Or some executives decision that was too corny to play on the radio. Thank you fair enough. So you're from West Virginia. How how old are you? I'm guess. Twenty five twenty five. Yeah. I thought it was a lot younger than twenty-five from West Virginia went to Ken state flashes. You know, oh, I know. I can say is in Ohio. It's by Akron Cleveland area. What'd you study there? I studied speech pathology was one of the two men out of one hundred plus women is that a good thing or bad thing. And I hated it. So I would you be able to teach me like how to speak and stuff like authentically? Particularly.

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