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We're back. It's Casey in company from 6 to 9 am guest host Nicole and Andy Harris, filling in for Sean Casey. Today and tomorrow. Be back here tomorrow night, huh? That's right. Listen, we've got Jim and Glen Burnie. He emailed in a little joke, and you're going to see a lot of these over the next few days, okay? I heard is a cookout at the White House Last weekend, former vice President Biden burned his hand while flipping a burger in general Milley picked up a spatula and said, Don't worry. I'm in charge. Oh, look at the fact of the matter is, is that It's serious. You know this? This is no joking matter. In fact, the letter and I mentioned the House Freedom Caucus and I'm going to sign on this letter is going to send a letter to the secretary defense this morning. And one of the things we ask them to investigate in this investigation is his call with as General Miller's call with Nancy Pelosi. Interesting because again, you know whether there was a political motivation behind it is some of the wording that's quoted in the you know in the article. Would indicate that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs staff again whose sole function is to serve the president, the president was Donald Trump. If General Milley doesn't want to serve the president What you do You resign as chairman of the Joint Chiefs that you don't resign from the army. You just resigned from that position because that position is to serve the president. And the president of that time was not Joe Biden. That's the That's the fact. And an attempt by a person in uniform who just days before had said Don't worry, we're the ones with guns. Uh, you know, you put that together anywhere else in the world and you go. That's an attempted coup. And I, you know, I look, I think that's what was going on. Anyway. The phone lines are open. If you want to talk, you want to ask a question? You want to make a comment, Uh, for 10 wcbm 6 89 2266 80. The studio email is am 6 80 at wcbm dot com AM 6 80 at wcbm dot com Or you can text into the show using the wcbm app..

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