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Grand scheme of business. Stupid I know. What a great line stupid! Yeah. They cut that really well in the edit like he's telling her that, and then she's not talking back to him. That's her incompassion talking about her conversation with stupid I note. The contrast between. Maybe it's better to talk about later, but we may forget is like to compare and contrast the way Sarah goes out here with thunderous applause from Tony. Yeah Ver- versus the waste. Out and winners at war like. An unstoppable flood of tears. Yeah, it's just the Ark between these two characters is very satisfied. Yeah, it's incredibly fun to travel back in time to twenty fourteen and watch them in the one point. Okay, so Tony is going to go back and. He's going to tell everybody that we don't have Sarah. Sarah's not voting with us a so. Trish is going to hear this information and she is going to make her move to chaos casts. Do you have any interest in joining us, yeah? This compelling. And Trish offers to her. Who would you want to get rid of? she wanted to get rid of searches like yeah, be to. Honestly I'd like to get rid of Sarah's well. Yes, okay, and like yeah, it's happening. It's real. It's real cast scribes this in an unusual way in her confessional. Okay, this cast talking about Tristesse, plan..

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