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And we talked a little bit about MAC Benedetto. Michael McDowell and Ryan Preece another guy that really had a good run. I mean, you look at ultimately where these guys finished not necessarily as well as they ran. But I tell you these guys they got some attention, Tom. Oh, yeah. Ryan priests. It only run five races in the Cup series before his best finish was thirty second and Ross Chastain who finished tenth. This was his first top ten, and I believe thirty seven starts these guys. Now granted they benefited because a lot of the top cars were knocked out fifteen twenty cars that didn't finish. So that helped them, but you know, they deserve all the kudos in particular ran well all night. He was up near the front. Most of the evening. You know, it was funny. On TV. They ask him about it. And he said, well, I got an education today. These boys handed me my lunch. And I'm thinking that guy finishes eighth in that race. He did pretty darn well, well his point. I think when I went back, and I look at some of the footage. Yeah. There were some times right here at and he actually gave Joel llegado that one shot got him on up there really in contention. But he also when he lost Joey he opened the door and left too much separation between Joey and the rest of the field. Never able to kind of put him back in the middle and gambling little drop kick what he was referring to he's needed to hang with Joey and follow him up three there. And he didn't do that. So again that education was immense. Here's another kid. We don't want to overlook. Ty Dillon any six and especially since Germain made the move up to welcome North Carolina to get closer to our CR, which is basically there. Home base and their their their partner and not to mention Richard children's whose grandson, Ty Dillon driving that number thirteen. So it's good to see these younger kids getting at least in you know, a boost in there. Confidence morning thing else as we get ready to go into a pretty tough race track this upcoming week because you got really deep program and reprogram for what they're going to experience Atlanta. And if the weather keeps them off the racetrack, it may be a more challenge because you you'll be getting a surprise because this new package, you're not going to be ready for it. So the ones that didn't go to Vegas. It may be like, oh, we missed the setup for these guys. I mean, obviously financially running well get into good pay day. Daytona is huge the exposure. They got. You know, MAC to Benedetto ran up front a lot during the day. Michael McDowell ran up front a lot during the day. They got some good exposure. But I also think he gets them competence not only for themselves but for their teams moving forward. Who can to can take this time. Do you think and and use it? Best use it as a kind of a boost going forward best. Or can. I all I think that's hard to say. Because Daytona and Talladega are so different than anywhere else. It's not like you're going from from Bristol one week to Richmond the next week or martinsville. It's not like you're going to be running on similar tracks. I I've always said it takes about six races before we really know where everybody is that. And I think I'm very impressed with Ryan priests. I'll be interested to see what he can do and he certainly acquitted himself well on the modified in this race. I don't I don't think you can draw too many conclusions from this race. When you look at guys like Kyle Larson and Jimmy Johnson. They finished in the top ten their cars. Look like they'd been run over by steamroller, and he's still finished here. So so hard to predict what might happen. I agree with you. But also, I love it. When I see a guy like Ryan Preece show me. He's got some natural instincts through those crashes. I mean, it'd be so easy to overreact. Touched a bright turn the wheel. But he holds true wheel didn't touch the bright, and it gets through to very horrific. Could it took him right out of the play crashes? So he showed me he's got great instrument it regret instincts. And I think when I look at these drivers you mentioned Ross Chastain. Here's a guy that has got a bulldog type attitude when it comes to drive it gave me an opportunity, and I'll show you I can wheel something he was right on the verge of getting into a first-class riding extremely series. It went away. Did it deter? You know, it made him more intense more fierce than ever before he goes out. He put together, you know, three rise for the weekend. And he did solid. He did a solid effort. Everyone to be able to come through the Daytona five. Five hundred with a fifteenth place finish. I think it gives a lot of Carlin was a moment to pause and think maybe. Maybe I need to Scott driving for me. So I think everybody that we kind of touched on and I don't want to miss Parker, Clermont either. Here's a guy who barely made it into the five hundred had a racist way in. But yet he comes out here with a solid finish basically underfunded team. So. I said at the very beginning of the show. It was a field speed weeks. And we keep going deeper and deeper in the field. We keep finding these kind of stories, and like you've alluded to you, don't write these scripts. They just happen. Leach weaken. The O'Reilly auto parts reports to give you a chance to go to go PRN dot com. Vote in our poll in this week's question is who most impressed you at Daytona? And we're going to go with MAC Di Benedetto, Michael McDowell Ryan priest or tied Dylan's who most impressed. You among that foursome last week? We ask you is Hendrik back in championship form after their performance in the in the clashes that were calling still clash shootout. Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Forty seven percents said it's way too early thirty seven percents it. Absolutely. And sixteen percent said not yet when we come back. We're just a couple of weeks removed from the hall of fame induction ceremonies and Tom Jensen. Of course, works for the hall of fame now, and he's got a couple of stories for the hall of fame. Inductions he's going to share with us. We get Jeff's thoughts on the new hall of fame class to stay with us. Have you written a book and wanna get published then call Page Publishing a sap? We're looking for authors of all types of books and unlike most publishers Page Publishing will take the time to review each and every book submitted to us, and we'll give you our feedback..

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