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If the animal attacked me. I take it out in hand to hand combat in short i can totally take a nine foot while you're trained from his youth with advanced weaponry. Besides dave continued the lord. God who saved me from the wild animals will save me from this philistine. Saw shrek anti give you points with the speech. So saul got david outfitted in the full armor. Get up gave him a big sword to david explained the saul. I can't go out on these. I've never used them. David took them off instead. David picked up five smooth stones and put them in his shepherd's pouch. He decided to only carry his slingshot. Before jamie went el sol stopped him. Wait david i have one to ask you. David turned to saul assault. Spoke to him. Are there really tigers around here. I mean i thought no. David interrupted saul. There are no tigers. I was just doing a bit with that. David stepped onto the battlefield. Seeing the young boy in shepherd's close philistines. were confused. Glaive himself a loud rumbling belly. Laugh lend me coined a term that will not be relevant for about three thousand years l. o. l. That means laugh out loud. Because that's what i'm doing david. Saudi heard saw a distance angrily yelling. His trademark on the term goliath continued to jeer. Come out me. Bro this will be easy confidently damage steps closer to the giant man. He declared you come to me with a sword. And with a spear and with a javelin i come to you in the name of the lord of the armies of israel the same. God you have insulted. Today this day award will deliver you into my hands and earth will at the lord saves now with the sword nor the spear the battle belongs to the lord so it is you who should come every.

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