Detroit, Minnesota, Frank Gore discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


The guy two hundred sixty one carries last year remember that snow game a buffalo your minutes no gamma buffalo yeah no he's all men thirty six carries for a block thirty he can give you something he can give you more than something he could veer bell cal i've got a spot for your any for this okay detroit really why would new lines take him why when the lines of europe dolar is is invariably gonna miss games we know that already and they don't they they don't have 100yard rusher offer why not try and give frank why not bring frank gaurd of detroit smashmouth at every now and then but theoretic and emir beulah here yeah give stafford a little bit of a break man why not bring a there i i do that if arm detroit you know flip the moga as a minimal amount of coins deep see what he's got the heat make the team his denim steneberg minute you know minnesota take him up there to our lampl with you smashmouth with frank war why wouldn't me i take a shot on him you're you're you're colts running backs marlon mack robert turban josh ferguson well i guess they they wanna go youth movement but frank gore is no joke he's a for ease of pro football fame you'll go first ballot not but he's a pro football famer i'd want to go down that were here more than happy to do that later on.

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