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Search for espn of course played for years in the big leagues. And i think this year. One of the coolest things that i got to witness slash experience was. We were doing his own call. I can't remember the manager Who we were talking with may have been alex. Cora was it aaron it was. It was aaron boone that we were talking to and you were in a rome as we all are with zoom calls and then you're like hey yes in the other. And then you picked up your. I think it was your cell phone or your computer and you walk in the other room. And there's your dad. Tony perez the hall of famer with all these other baseball greats. That was giving the background on that while they usually in. This is a really cool story. And i think this is where the brotherhood comes in in a major way the fraternity of a baseball. So then concepcion. Who is like an uncle to me. A second father growing up he. He was there at the how house every sunday. They tried to get together Former players one mira shower as well. That was there and they go from house to house one week. It could be concepcion's next week. It could be meyer shots. It could be dennis martinez home and it just happened to be that it was my parents that were hosting six. What we call our extended family. And i think it's a necessary thing during this pandemic where they are all that saying that they are all you know taking care of each other and the families get together so it just happened that on the sunday i was having lunch with the family telling stories. And i'm like now. It's time to do the soup call and you can see brody and show actually had asked me a question about why is labor is not hitting the ball and i said well. I'm just going to quote home. And ask say why is now during the fastball. And i did was mattie best corrosion that was in the zubkov he set up. Oh what of name dropper. I was like well. I can back it up. And that's when we showed in the next room as they actually made their day as much as i think it brought up i smile. I've seen that a booty at that time after having had some tough losses ended up winning that game that night so advantage yankees because of america question i would think i betcha all those gallows baseball greats like uncles for you you now. They all are in It's great because they task questions now about today's biggest asked me about the analytics. After that meeting it was actually about It was really cool. It was surreal. I wish it would have been taped because it was marsha. They were talking about marriage. House last game in concepcion was bragging. I got the last moorish on on at knocked him off the mound. The nobody knows that walter alston came in and took out of the game and And he said. I think it was the only hit that he allowed. But in that any man my dad actually had taken shall deep also Got the base and neither mash out or concepcion remembered. That and then i looked to my right and my dad has a big grin on his face like he was a kid again. Saying i did it. We went through baseball reference. In the whole thing it was out. It was really cool when i saw the news yesterday about the passing of jr. richard at eight seventy one. I wanna jet to talk to you about him. Because i feel like he's one of the forgotten greats in history that because of the fact that is career ended at age thirty after he had a stroke while going through a bullpen. Workout that A lot of folks who are baseball fans don't really know that much about him. It were he was an absolute monster of pitch. And i was going to run through some numbers About that he led the national league in. Era two seven one in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy nine in nineteen eighty. The last year he played seventeen games that year. He had a one nine year age clearly. Put everything together together. He led the league in strikeouts twice Twice you've finished in the top four Award in the nationally felt like at the time that he suffered the stroke in his career ended like he was on the verge of having a being one of the absolute of dominant pitchers. Who's going to go on a run where he was going to win. Two or three cy young awards. Tell me about what you remember that jair richer my dad would tell me so much about him and he was one that was able to face seven seventy s and it made everyone sick to the stomach everytime jr richard reject allow because it was not only that he had a presence with the fast pond. Slider it was his greatness of being able to go out and whatever he started he would finish. If you look at the numbers between seventy six seventy nine. You went out there. And he pretty much dominated fourteen. Complete gangs in seventy six thirteen. Seventy seven sixteen seventy eight. Nineteen seventy nine yes. It was a different game but it was swinging stop and a lot of people. A lot of players weren't used to that height that he had six eight grain that he had the release point where it was and they just could not pick it up. I remember my dad telling me we just couldn't dig in and my old man would always say the nastiest pitcher he ever faced was Was gibson but the nastiest at that moment in the late. Seventy s in the mid to late seventies restrict richards without a doubt. And it's unfortunate that we couldn't appreciate his career a little bit longer because of the circumstances but it was. It was great to be able to as a kid. We able to watch him at riverfront stadium from the stands and i think that perspective for me and watching an african american man dominate on the mound At that time. When i could start remembering stuff remember. It was eight nine ten years of age. That time that i took that took that home with me and that was that was a major accomplishment by jr richards at that time. And then i was able to that meet him again. Spend a lot of time with them. What i coached with the houston astros organization. You were coming to the clubhouse Was that gentle giant and Just be able to to speak with them. And and Spend some time with him. And jose cruz sitting down and talking baseball I appreciate seventies in a major way. It's what really That's where i learned how to be able to win. I i was around a lot of winning. Gains a lot of winning. A winning atmosphere is a kid watching the big red machine and jr. richard was one guy that would control that offense in a major way when he took that bob with this Yeah he was like a right handed. Randy johnson as. You are talking about what your dad remembered about facing difficult that was i was thinking back to stories. I heard and i was a teenager at that time about how a veteran players would suddenly find a reason not to play that day on the day the jr. Richard this was the same thing with randy. Johnson years later left handed hitters. Were like you know what. Today's a good day for a day off. You're right at six point. Eight two hundred twenty two pounds. That was not something that you saw all right. Where do we stand. Us living baseball team moving forward moving forward one game winning all in winterless lose you end up getting the sober if you win you get the gold medal and you bring it back with pride and it's going to be a tough one because you have to go face team japan. It's a loaded squad. That japan has but same time. Mike has been able to keep his troops going in united texting back.

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