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I mean, he you is it was ridiculous. How much money is bringing it from gambling? So he had my Granddad and he passed the name on the. Him because he was making a crazy amount of money in my Granddad had my my dad and then pass name on the meet my dad was actually going to be named silver. The name was actually going to end because unfortunately, my grandad's brother passed away when they were children in tornado. So he was going to pay homage to his brother name my dad, silver. But you decided to keep the legacy going this name him money. And my dad has it on me. Whereas very very intriguing story. So now people know how the main name money powder for came about. Now. I wanna get to the fight over the weekend. Man, you had a very very impressive performance on a PBC on emphas- one of the body. The body punches was was beautiful, man. The punch election was awesome in you. You really set up their right hand. What was your game plan going into that fight? And what you looking to a compass something in F, I or were you trying to get that guy outta there. Well, we really were it hard this camp on body shots. Because like I said I feel like body shots kinda neglected in a way because a lot of guys really want. The pretty knock outs from the headshots. But I feel like body shots. They're they're different than his because if you're a fighter and you've been in the game, we all know when you get hit with a really good body shot. You can't just shake that off. They stay with you for rounds. I mean, it can paralyze the bottom part of your body. But we really weren't hard on that me and my coach and this fight. We knew the guy like come forward a lot because we've seen him. I actually knew him when I was younger because while I was still J on amateurs all junior Olympic. He was already opened. So I had I had watched them some I was a kid, and I he's a he's a come fighter likes to mix it up. So we. I could've obstinate from the outside. But my coach always tells me said money when you get in their own your greatness, and you know, work on everything we worked on the gym. So we got in there. Listen to my coach follow the game plan. We're going to try to slow on body shots and the right hand really just came off the bye shots from the inside started uppercut coming on role within came back with the counter right here. But we were really really hard. This can't. And luckily paid off all gore to God though. 'cause without him. I wouldn't need you've been able to get in that rain. So I'm just happy. I have a great team behind me. And without them is well, my wonderful team..

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