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Specials available only on weekends. And on Lee at silver diner dot com. Rick McClure, the Blue T o P. Traffic, Rick, Thank you. We are watching another batch of nasty weather. Let's get the latest now from NBC for Samara, Theodore. Good evening. Good evening. Yeah, you know this system, it Z right now to our south and it could materialize. Some rain in our area south and east of I 95 North and West. We could be in for some light freezing rain. Now there's not a ton in the way of precipitation. So it's not looking like yesterday. But we have a winter weather advisory because anything that does fall will form a glaze. Tomorrow highs in the mid to upper thirties and then tomorrow night. That's when we'll see some heavier stuff moved through. We could be looking at more freezing rain Monday night into Tuesday. By Tuesday, the rain tapers off throughout the day with high is expected to be in the low to mid forties. Wednesday. Mix of sun and clouds meant upper thirties Thursday, tracking another winter storm that has the potential to bring some snow freezing rain a bit of a wintry mix and then plain rain by Thursday afternoon. Temperatures on Wednesday mid to upper thirties Thursday around 40 37 right now in D. C. 34 in Gaithersburg and 37 in Frederick, Maryland. Tomorrow. Thank you very much. It's 34 degrees outside our studios brought to you by new look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen to look to do their roof. It's a 21 elementary school students choosing two days a week in person classes will be back in the Loudon County classes This Tuesday. Middle and high schoolers will come back on the third of March. But there's still a lot of work to done be done for all of you. Each day, a parent will have to fill out.

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