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There's nothing table just playing an asshole yeah then I'm still watching absolute boyfriend still okay when I finish it. I'll give a a proper review. I think it's very long though I thought it was gonna be fifty five episodes but it's forty so hey we'll see <hes> and then this awesome SA- temporary which I'm going to watch as well as the guy that was in the show over that Wendy didn't like it's all clean now so but this one is quite serious about like <hes> bullying in the secondary school so I think I was they went back or something like that that he was he was a lawyer and there's something happened because he's synopsis was a lawyer. Then something happens that he takes on a case that might ruin his career so he goes back to school and then when he was just that's the one so I'm going to watch I I I started watching the watcher still come June. 'cause I love soup pattern. I don't love him does different now. I think he's a good actor and even though you shoes he stuff he picks always interesting like it was very charm. Which I liked seats yeah he was also in obviously shed windows from Gola number trap cheese cheese in it wasn't she's a new triumphs zone? What happens my family and watch our? He plays a police officer. I watched the first episode. It's very business. Reminds me a bit of <hes> I a secret spoke of a senior as don't ask but is quite interesting so yet it. Does it shows I'm watching now. I'm just going to end a one which dropped its Japanese. Show called Coffee Vanilla. I read the web tune Gosh share and even the web tune I thought was it bit very Japanese in the sense that the woman is treated like objects and is all about this guy was okay interesting finish reading the website. I thought it was a bit logistic so there was a show and the show features the two actors from pundits from Good Morning. Cole is a show on that flex the Japanese show net flicks and the three main actors to the neen actress in the second lead actually in this show so okay interesting to see how it's like. It's bullshits. Please stay away from it. If you off fourteen you might think very romantic and sweet and loving but it's this is not for religious materials is bullshit. It's bullshit. It's bullshit. It's visual suggesting very he's imme- and there's no way Amanda meets on the one hour. Is this possessive. It's this is it's as wrong. What an awful into stock stock chrish possessive? It's it's just very very fringy yet did not support right okay Lou. What are the next thing? I want to talk about her life. Yeah Okay so so you had spoken about her private life before you told him how much she loves Hungary. What what is it and then I watched it? I actually watched it. I wish he'd just ended so I just love you being watched it and I really really liked it. I have young and then you know nobody owns. The woman Kim Jae Wook Doc Goodman Simpson Kim Jong Kesselman patio came to your guy pacman youngest woman. Yes thank you yes. He's the guy that was in coffee. Prince notice coffee. Prince was also excellent that I liked. And that's what you wish although those armed out that we like that as in discovery of luck discovery of law Yan temperature of large aperture discovery of luck with them Eric yes so I voted to see him because he's copies of course what of those shows was not. The main character was supporting actor to see him as a main actors quite interesting Ari goals. What's name no yes? It was go ryan go by Iran Gold Lyon Ryan Means Lion in Korean angle and there was this obviously falls museum curator who was looking forward to you coming museum director because he had this crazy easy as heck museum director of course she was also a boss replies netted netted yes yes and she should go. Come the director and then this other comes in called Ryan goal got the rooster is not just about how like in the artistic world it's also a private life hence you know on the five day she is. She's a young man with that's just misspoke support to support the young pilot who does that. Can you really call. It's ideal by the I really. I really enjoy I love the the innovative character romance stories that she chose follow her dreams to us the end of it and was like dependent on the fact that this guy is doing something on something I also I loved them so the the governments in Sky Castle yes he also share so in this is what I was interested to see. I the very different Scottie headed cable cable agenda title for some really Nice stuff all the way into that and then of course now the guy played the K pop idol. I had this in a lot of things with this with those. I think I was looking at some reviews and then I saw this guy said oh how like I don't think it's anything no. He's a singer. Yes I knew again I just I just so many aw weird but I.

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