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But there's a lot of history there. There's a wonderful expanded farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Hilo because of all the rain, most of the orchid nurture nurseries are there, and you can tour them, and they will ship these beautiful orchids back to the mainland for you. There's a lot of authenticity in Hilo, Tom and a lot of people don't ever get over there. And as we look to develop Ed sports seizure, vacations, new trips for the future. I can see a spending a little bit of time in Hilo because I think it's a really interesting spot. And then, of course, the other side of the island is is where I am. Now. There is a great road that connects there's two ways to get well actually three to get from one side of the island to the other. You can go with the south road, which takes you to the most southern most point in the US and take you to some black sand beaches and through volcanoes national park, which of course, is a huge attraction. Or you can go the northern route which will give you a chance to visit Jim ready. Cops Hawaiian vanilla farm and some other places on the north part of the or you can take what they call the saddle road across the island. It's the shortest route. And the reason it's called the saddle road is because it goes between monologue and Monica the two volcanoes that basically comprise most of the land mass here on the big island. And there is the most fascinating Hawaiian forest as you climb the hill out of Hilo of Hawaiian hardwoods. And and I I have no idea. What would they are? But I'll find out, but just the more. I've never seen it before. Because I'd never traveled that road before. So if you come to the big island take time to take that that road between the two volcanoes because if the weather is nice, and it's clear the views are spectacular. And don't forget to allow time to stop to take pictures at the at the hardwood forest on the Hilo side of the mountains. If you're staying here in on the big island. You've been here before Tom, right? I have. Yes. My head of my father-in-law lived on the big island for a number of years and the wife, and I used to come and visit in Hilo was one of our destinations. We did the saddle road, by the way with that being said one of the things we ran across then. And then curious if it's still true that you're not supposed to travel on roads that are that are run blessed? Otherwise, you might fall victim. Fall harm in one way or another to Madame Palay. You know, I had car virtually quit running wild on the saddle road when we wandered off into a unblemished road. So are those rumors or is that stuff still those rumors still abound? Tom along with there's a huge display at the volcano national park. And folks who have been here will attest to this of folks who took souvenirs from the volcano Tacoma, some lava bits or other things that of course, belong to. The leftover bones of those. Well, you know, anything that came out of the volcano belongs to Madame Palay. Take that stuff home with you. And the visitor's center has an entire display with letters from people who have sent things. Okay. They got home, and they broke their leg. Their house burned down the car crash, and they attributed to the fact that they ignored the warnings to. Yeah. Exactly. I got stores. All right. And of course, there was the old captain beans Dittrich sale. Yes. Which was famous here on the islands for many years. Unfortunately, in one of the big storms the ship ran aground years ago, and his is no longer here, which is disheartening to me, and perhaps the U Thomas absolutely nothing else to sing evenings. Nothing else has taken its place to speak of no, no, which is a sort of appropriate in a way because the the captain beans there sale also affectionately known as the booze cruise at the time. Where they took it out in the ocean and play with my ties and got people to dance on tables, and do all kinds of fun things the fish, hopper if you've ever been to see Kyle Kono before and you've walked the streets here. There's a very famous restaurant out right across from the breakwater called the fish hopper for those folks who have our longtime Hawaii visitors. It's still here. I'm not a huge fan of luau was but the island breeze luau island breeze is a company that's put on Lou house for many years and the Lou Alday do here at the king cameo hotel is probably the best one in the islands. They do it's young people. They do a terrific job of telling the story of Ian, the food's pretty good. The prices are not unreasonable and the luau takes place on the historic grounds here at the hotel. So there's at least a little bit of authenticity. They're just up the road between Kylo Kona and the airport is a seahorse ranch. If you have never been to a Sea Horse ranch before go to this one because. You'll get an opportunity for a cute little seahorse to wrap its tail around your finger. If you take the tour there, and it's something that you can't do anywhere else. And one other thing I will say Tom about eating here. Oh, gosh. They had a great crab buffet at the king mayo last night. How would I know that? I can only guess I can just tell you that for for some strange reason man cannot live by shave ice alone. But there's no reason not to try for those folks on the mainland who have never been Hawaii or have come here and never try to shave ice because they thought it was a snow cone. Oh, I have just very bad news for you shave ice is not a snow cone. And if you come here to Hawaii, and as a child you ever had any affinity for said snow cones, make sure that you order yourself a shave ice. I remember recommend a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of it. And they will some of the shave ice places here. Tom have natural flavors. So instead of putting artificially flavored corn syrup on your shave ice. Why they put some some wonderful things. And it's it's it's possible to pay as much as eight or ten dollars for a shave ice. And I'm lucky to be able to afford that in enjoy it. So there you go vice shave shave ice. That's that's the expensive version of a snow cone, and I'm just I'm just gonna plant this seat. I don't want you guys to think too much about it right now. But later on when you have some thinking time, it is an occupied think about the profit margin of a snow cone. Especially at eight dollars. No shave because it is the main ingredient is shaved ice. Hey, Tom before I go here. I wanted to get into Maui a little bit. And we don't have time for that today. So we'll we'll have to hold that. For for another day. I'm Christopher Galloway headed there with a group of sports leisure travelers this afternoon, I want to take just a second here. And thank the TSA people around the country and the air traffic controllers for for for working without a paycheck. I I'm certain that this is causing a lot of them some some really serious personal issues, and I can't tell them enough, and and I have this opportunity. So I want to take advantage of it. How much those of us who travel and who work in the travel industry. Appreciate the fact that they are continuing to work without a paycheck. And this is not a political statement. This is not a about one side or the other. It's simply about a bunch of hardworking people who tried to keep us safe. All the time. They have to be right. Every time every day bad people only have to be right once I think they do a great job and the people who land in the airplanes, the people who make it possible for planes take off and land and make it through the sky safely. The air traffic controllers who are also working without pay. Hopefully, these all these folks will be paid in this will all be over soon. But I think it's important to know that some of these folks in the system right now are working for free in essence, so that you can travel, and I I think it's it's not a bad thing to stop and say thank you to those folks if you have the opportunity. Yeah. Absolutely. If you're flying anytime soon, you know, make a point to thank the TSA folks that you run across you might even. You know, tell them why you're. You can just say as that after they take your ID, you can just a little three or four words. Thank you would be just fine. We sent at sports leisure vacations. We sent I I don't know. I think ten or twelve dozen donuts out there the other day just because the only thing we could think of something to do just to say to all of them. Thank you in some small way that we we realize what's going on. And we appreciate what you're doing. All righty. Thank you, Mark. We'll be looking forward to talking about Maui. Next time. We are the travel and entertainment guys, which leads us to our next interview. Coming up in about two and a half minutes the Broadway hit come from behind. Come from. Did I say home from away? There's probably one of those to come from the way opened in San Francisco. We're going to talk with one of the cast members Kevin Carroll, and that's next year on the travel guys. The.

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