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And not during that treated people nicely but for that day happened to him and i thought to myself part of me getting a little kids face. You don't do that to my son. But here's what i wanted to do. I want him to grow tough skin. I want him to to have positive rejection. I recently did a short teaching on just embracing rejection. That grows our skin tougher in. That's essentially what what we as speakers need to do. We as leaders need to do is look for times where rejection happens surround ourselves by positive people so that we can get that good perspective move forward and that gives us the ground for for faith in ourselves faith in our ability that we were able to resist and overcome that type of rejection. I love that you do so much about loss of about stress and burnout to that. Such a important topic in in all the different areas this year specially in speaking of the events that i've spoken. It's pretty much every industry under the sun and it's in now in business they always tell you. You need to niche down. You know find your target audience and trying but Spoke an indigenous conference and accessibility conference nonprofit corporate healthcare legal. It's all over the map and it will. I'm thankful because my original career was public accounting. And i was an auditor so an audit the firm that i worked with thankfully had a pretty big book of business and a lot of different companies so i was able to learn about a variety of different industries. Which again has served me. Well even to current times because i know some of the challenges with each of those industries that i've spoke with like and they go. How do you know this. If you've never worked in this industry back in the day used to count beans now. I just grind them and drink them. You know going back to your coffee at allergy. Yeah it's that's. That's the only beans that i couch and just the perfect blend..

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