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Something to look forward to. Oh. Read the fling with what's her name Randall Lambert? That's right. We can see how cute how cute he is. Let's see Miley Cyrus is going to fan girl out and she's fan Girling out because he is going to be an rupaul. Yes. So that's coming with a drag racer is talk show his is drag race. And it sounds like, you know, I love him rupaul. Yes. Oh, yes. Is he is one of the? Of the judges on that the big deal or the big talent world's world's talented best something like that. Yes. It's the thing that premiered after the Super Bowl reality competition series. And I thought it was kind of fun. Did you watch did? And you enjoy it. I did back into it. Because I love love love. I love him. I love James corden. And I love to. Thank you very much. I'm really having hard time with my. Just look at her. And she says the u. Yeah. Asleep? We say refinish each other's sentences. So anyway Miley is excited about it. As season eleven is going to premiere. Let's see here February twenty eighth at nine o'clock, and she's very very very very very excited. Fantastic. Good people over Unruh Paul's drag race. I think so too now Donnie let's see here. What other things we have Adam Sandler? Yeah. We have a song. Adam Sandler was on last night. But you mean Fallon, and he wrote him this cute Valentine's something with his fifth anniversary fell. Yes. It's fallon's. Jim accounting the tonight show. I can't believe it's only five years. I feel like. Going on forever African numbers Adam Sandler special Jimmy. I.

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