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With what's news? I'm Charlie Turner for the Wall Street Journal and New York. Investigators are analyzing Manila envelope packages, each containing an explosive device sent a prominent Democrats and Trump opponents, we'll talk with Wall Street Journal law enforcement, reporters Zola, Keno Young's in a moment. I hear some top headlines. Sources say the US is refusing to resume trade negotiations with China until Beijing comes up with a concrete proposal to address Washington's complaints about force technology transfers and other economic issues the impasse threatens to undermine a meeting between President Trump and Xi Jinping of China scheduled for the end of November at the group of twenty leaders summit in those areas Argentina both sides at hoped the gathering would ease the trade tensions. We're continuing to track financial markets which bounce back Thursday from a nasty route the previous day, the NASDAQ composite index had fallen into correction territory for the first time in two years for the latest stock market updates click on wsJcom or. Or WSJ podcasts. The Wall Street Journal says Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to approve a homeland security request for eight hundred US troops to travel to the US Mexico border to provide logistical support for border agents. The troops are expected to be in place by next week. In anticipation that a caravan of thousands of migrants currently more than a thousand miles from the US Mexican border could reach at that soon if they board buses or trains Saudi Arabia says information shared by Turkey indicates the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal has Shoji was premeditated as Riyadh backed away from an earlier assertion that the death followed a heated brawl, Mr. Shoji, a government critic was killed inside the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul on October second since then Saudi Arabia has faced mounting international pressure to offer a credible narrative of what happened amid suspicions the operation was approved from the highest level of.

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