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The second doubts a push back for the Panthers. Their work ethic is higher than what it was the first, but the lightning made their fair share of unforced errors the second period. Had a reverse flow of play. What we saw I. He said that the latest still maintain their lead to the left driver here. The best scoring chance lady had the period with a Yati gourd pseudo breakaway, but came back, I think disrupted board stick enough. Johnny went to suit. The stick went over the pocket. Jane and stamped goes one by stamkos. But the Panthers jump on it. Immediately Borg's got to it at center ice Fouts's for happen. Popsy did on demand covers it up. So now the Panthers get the offense. Okay. So I bet you the start of the game. This is the beginning of the eagles the Panthers vanity eight game homestand earlier this year. That whole that whole stance. Lightning visited the Panthers. The first time. Series. Five four in overtime. Rallying four one down. Miller shane. To the left vague. Thai. When it comes to head minute. Lightning your winter but feet. Stamkos. Steven stamkos bakes at Ford for Johnson. To in them. It's going to be an icing. So that's another example where there wasn't really a Panthers did. Assisted in this. Was an one. Puts the lighting back of the road for faceoff. Markovitz stamp goes to the right of debate. Barkov wins. It. Equa shooting left point save it gets with the rebound cute again blocked. Puck grabbed by Miller Miller at his own your corner suites for stamkos. That was nice pass. Stamkos takes it out to center ice connects with Solomon across the Panthers line, right circle. If. Let's just their second period. Again, go stab goes to straw, back to stamkos he drove to the front of the net and redirected that one. Op it over the glove of rhymer. I was gonna say with one hand of the state, but he did at both hands on the stick. But he kind of put the blade of himself. So he could get to it on his backhand. A little chip shot there. Perfectly deflect the by stamp goes that started with a nice outlet from Miller. To kind of give the lightning a chance to exit the zone. They caught the Panthers. Pressuring the offensive and the lightning. You're able to break out with strong joined the play turned into a three a two. So at twelve a week of the second lightning may get to nothing. Stamkos gets his twenty ninth goal of the year. Second assist tonight. At biller gets the other helper. Writers who though at center ice you with that does the momentum in this game turns it over gored gored one arms it in by the Panthers net. Riber left it by that pass could clear held a Gujrat left circle. Good job battling the left corner stripped by Trojan who Trump gets it back appointed. Mcdonagh puck rolls autumn to hold it in. But it's slider way. Back past tro. Check out Hoover dodo center up. The middle Matheson profitable. I. Puck down takes electrical walked by turnout. Metro check the far corner is wedged up by braided point mcdonagh. We're gonna pedal out of trouble up when kucherov tips it out to the neutral zone opposite. They are to golf it in turn had it thoughts off his stick numbers for the Panthers. Who left circle put it in store Tronto? The Panthers answer. The after this damn good school. Tronto basically it open. The puck roll off his stick treated with three on one down. Low is for the Panthers at Hoover to obey the bass across. But Tratos really enjoying a terrific offense. Sees it gets his nineteenth goal. This season. Who radio at thirteen eleven officially one minute. Three seconds after the stamkos goal. You don't like to give up a goal the shift. Just case maybe shift in a half. After you score. Panthers. Dole at the lightning build any office. Namco's goal. Face win for Sorolla covert, a caloric chips it in Joseph, pursuing it got Jack Riley Sheahan. A lob this out for centerpoint to pass off his stick. Is for me to get Riley j right corner et cetera class walk away by surging on the counter horns. Walk by Josh private covert calls up and cranks it in. Gable? Lost the puck right to who've Croce cut the second precaution to center ice bounces. I guess. I guess before. I make such a statement is. Wait look at the replay. Surrogates have to center ice poured got checked pattern brower delight again as bad open at front pass to handle for Haley skip the bog they'll let quarter Panthers buzzing right now. Lithuanian a pass process for equity too far of a war gains, the red line pokes it at five forty five left in the second lately. Two to one eagles sweets it down the ice. No Isaac demand will give it to solve riling cetera pocket to center ice forces dinner cheeses, aired wide flex into the far corner past is taken by Pethick. Mark Pethick swear to center ice pranks it in your strong and to get to hundred lightning near corner side. Short pass pocket, you'll give Adam Ernie reentry to center ice lost the puck. Management right there. The panthers. Takeaway data off heels into the slot. Deflect wildlife Verdy far board the puck ruling on smashed it out to setup five oh two left in the period. It is two one lightning. Josh brown. Isis you missed on a pass to Broussard. So the to get the offensive zone. Faceoff shots in the second period of fourteen to Panthers. Plaguing need one playoff the rush to get a goal. They've had very little sustained pressure Florida. Ed. Billard Barkat Bill rate of. Jay driver. If you fifty and it comes to Brown. Actually, put it off the glass out of play. So we'll be a phase of the Panthers Panthers. Get a change. And we'll get the TV timeout here to lightning the second. The light radio. Lightening hockey here. Check by Diller steel stamkos across the blind. I'll circle back for stamkos. USF sports there. See daylight wide.

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