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Economy of course from vdb fermenters. You're humble hosts of the ocho. It is thursday the third day august. Twenty six two thousand and twenty one. We hope all is over you are. We hope you're happy safe healthy and that your pumped because two weeks from today the dallas cowboys play football game that counts. That's right the opener against the tampa. Bay buccaneers world. Champion buccaneers is in fact two weeks from today very exciting stuff but yesterday wednesday was a jam packed day with tons of dallas cowboys news. So we're going to run through it. We're going to try to be as chronological as possible but we are going to jump around because there's a lot anyway so on tuesday. The dallas cowboys. Well you know they abided by. Nfl rules they cut their roster down from eighty five to eighty players. But the thing is the cowboys only had two technically move on from one player because they had four players on the reserve cove in nineteen at the time. Carlos watkins who along with dan quinn left. At and t. stadium early last saturday night. Headed the game against the houston texans. So carlos watkins their cd lamb me cooker and israel. Mu cuomo's that's two safeties on the list. During tuesday's practice to cowboys held fellow safety demotic. He's out during the early parts of practice as a precautionary sort of thing and donovan. Wilson seemingly experienced a groin injury. So now you're caught up from tuesday's activities on wednesday. The day got started with the dallas cowboys. Activating kicker greg's are aligned himself from the physically unable to perform us the publis. So the cowboys in my mind. At least we're at eighty players. When wednesday morning began. And then they activated greg. My head is racing running. Okay well what goes up. Must come down. If the cowboys are eighty one. They are now going to have to get back down to eighty whereas the other cut well. Mike mccarthy took to the podium on wednesday for his press conference and he revealed that the dallas cowboys added two more players to the covert list. Safety demong tasty who again was held out of the early portions of tuesday's practice as a precaution is in fact on the reserve cove in nineteen list himself and left guard connor williams that brings the cowboys below the eighty man threshold. That gave the cowboys. Six players in totality that are on the reserve cove in nineteen lists but one of them is romo. Cuomo did practice on wednesday which is a good thing to see. In fact a great thing to see the no official report of this especially depending on the time of you listening to this but it does seem like he is headed off of the covert list. Which is again very good to see on the pup. List notes are news and notes. Rather greg line is off pump damarcus lawrence and amari cooper have come off pop. There are two players remaining on the pup list for the dallas cowboys tristan hill and chauncey golden. Espn's todd archer tweeted out that they are both top candidates rather likely candidates. They are the only candidates to begin the season on the pup list which brings us to a whole different area of conversation if a player is placed on injured reserve now in the preseason they cannot be pulled back onto the roster in the regular season so if a player is placed on injured reserve. Now they're season over last week. The cowboys place reggie robinson shavuot lou on injured reserve. They waved slash injured. Gave that designation. Anthony hines he cleared waivers. He reverted to injured reserve. Did the same thing with hunter. Nicewander on wednesday. The dallas cowboys placed running back. Rico dowdell on injured reserve the dallas morning news reported. That is a hip injury with data. Jakulan hardy now certainly has a larger chance of making the fifty three man roster. So we'll see what happens to him. He was a big point of tuesday's episode of hard knocks. But the rico one kind of raises some antennas for people i guess maybe makes people put on tin foil hats because of this rule because players that are put on i are now are not available until the season is over. They are kind of stashed. You see that that vernacular thrown out a lot and this does kind of feel like the cowboys like rigo. Dowdell are interested in his future but do not have space for him on our roster this year so he has a hip injury and they are stashing them for the future. Now we certainly hope rico and everybody gets healthy and ryton want them to feel great he will be a part of the dallas cowboys in two thousand twenty two just like reggie robinson just like i just like hunter nicewander and just like anthony hinds so i said we're going to go in chronological order. There's a lot to happen here. So we know that there are six players on the covert list but israel again practiced on wednesday so signs are pointing up. We know that there were two players who did not practice for non cova reasons donovan. Wilson did sustain the groin injury. During tuesday's practice he did not practice and trayvon digs who was also featured prominently during tuesday's episode of hard knocks. A has a non covert illness. So you've got back. The one on their lots of things happening like i said wednesday was a very busy day for the dallas cowboys. So you've got now six players technically again especially depending on the time. Listen this know how. We all on the kobe luis carlos watkins cd lamb me. Coker is removed. Cuomo d'amato casey connor williams with israel again having practiced. And by the way. I don't know that is removed. Needs this game. On sunday to make the roster he is on my fifty three man roster personally without this game against the jaguars but you know that life is tough in the nfl. So maybe maybe the coaching staff feels like he needs this game. But on the subject of the fifty three man roster. On sunday we will have a fifty three man roster prediction video available for you on the blog on the boys youtube channel and next tuesday two. Pm central time. We will go live on the blog on the boys youtube channel for the final hour of roster news. And we'll be there to react to it etc. So you got all these things happening blah blah blah. But on the subject of fifty three man roster being finalized as mentioned the cowboys could carry tristen hill and chauncey colston on injured reserve. Excuse me on the roster until the final fifty three man roster is air quotes finalized and then once the rosters finalized they could place tristen hill in chauncey olsen on injured reserve meaning that they would then be eligible to be taken off of injured reserve in the regular season after six weeks and they could create two more roster spots that way so there will be some shuffling. That happens next week for that..

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