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This is scientific americans sixty seconds science i'm karen hopkins all in the united states there's a holiday that goes hand in hand with romance so much so that nine months later there's a spike in the number of babies born valentine's day wrong it seems that people in the us and other predominantly christian countries have been having some very merry christmas is indeed that's according to a study in the journal scientific reports scientists have long wondered why in western countries birth rates spike in september and early october revealing our qantas reduce phenomenon postulates theories of logical of tuition to the solar cycles luiz russia of indian university coled the study he notes that nine months before this baby boomlet is the winter solstice and when the day's grow shorter than the night grows long while human seem to turn to procreation for recreation however visser qantas was built scorn observations pretty much restricted to northern hemisphere countries and also culturally christian countries and some data suggested there might be something cultural going on so for instance in israel it was previously observed that the communities or associated with different religions have birth peaks and at different times of the year to try to separate the cultural from the biological russia teamed up with each one a gun solved saw of the gulbenkian institute of science in portugal together they come through data on a planetary level comparing countries in the northern and southern hemispheres and countries with predominantly different cultures in this case christian and muslim but they didn't look it when babies are born they look to see when during the year people around the world google the word sex you wanna saw what we fouled first visit holco searches for sex off whole vehicle proxy for sexual epa at sexual sexual interest in when revoked the close one hundred thirty countries have onto world what we saw with each country as a particular signature peaks and valleys interest in sexual content sauces with those patterns were most similar for countries the cheered a similar culture this means that if you leave in a culturally christian country whether you're leaving the northern hemisphere in the southern hemisphere you are more likely to have a new cuisine sexual appetites around christmas but if you live in a muslim country the are much more likely to conceive of on either healthier than at the at than at the.

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