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Spending hundreds of billions of dollars at has helped me do one thing very importantly oil prices down. So that they're not going to one hundred and one hundred fifty dollars a barrel. Right now, we have oil prices in great shape. I'm not going to destroy the world economy. And I'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani has said the president has submitted written answers to questions. From the special counsel investigating the two thousand sixteen election. Mr. Trump has called the investigation of witch hunt and as forcefully denied any collusion with Russia. Peter Bowes reports from Los Angeles. In a statement Rudy Giuliani says President Trump has provided unprecedented cooperation with the investigation. Led by Robert Mueller. He says questions brought by the special counsel raised serious constitutional issues and went beyond the scope over the Jason Lewis inquiry in an earlier interview with the Reuters news agency, Mr. Giuliani said the president had answered every question there was legitimately pre-election and focused on Russia. He added that Mr. Trump would not answer questions relating to events that occurred after he became president, the international police organization INTERPOL is to elect a new president on Wednesday with a Russian police general widely expected to win the vote. Alexander Procup shook is one of only two official candidates. His rival. List? The South Korean Kim Jong young who has the support of the United States and many European countries. Richard Calpine has the details. The votes taking place in Dubai where Interpol's general assembly is currently meeting with delegates more than one hundred ninety countries expected to cast their ballots Kremlin critics accused Russia of abusing interposed system of red notices a means by which people accused of crimes, but not living in their own country can be arrested and later extradited the critics say the Russian government has used this to target its opponents around the world. Police in Kenya. Say government of kidnapped Italianate worker. The twenty three year old was abducted when armed men attacked a trading center in the southeastern region five people, including two children were wounded the police are treating the incident as a terror attack. But if not confirmed with the Islamist group, Al Shabaab was responsible. This is the world news from the BBC South Korea has announced that it's closed down a Japanese funded foundation created to help former wartime sex slaves, the decision defectively ends a controversial deal signed in two thousand fifteen unabridged South Korea agreed not to take further action against Japan. The foundation has paid out almost four million dollars. But families of the so-called comfort women have never approved of the agreement. The Pentagon has said it's cost seventy two million dollars to deploy US forces to the border with Mexico in recent weeks to prevent illegal immigrants crossing the US secretary for homeland secure. Kirsten Nielsen has visited the additional fortifications as will. Grant reports the homeland security secretary appeared at the beach in San Diego's border field park to deliver. Another direct message to the migrants from the Trump administration. We are very serious. You will not get into our country illegally. Specifically, she was referring to the recent foot vacations of the border wall barbed wire fencing has been added by some of the nearly six thousand troops deployed to the border region. She followed up with a message for the media to who she said had constantly underplayed. The size of the caravan Muslim leaders in Australia say they will boycott a meeting with prime minister Scott Morrison after he told them they had to do more to prevent terror attacks in the country. The Australian Grand mufti said the comments implied collective responsibility for individual crimes. Mr. Morrison took to Twitter to accuse them of continuing down path of denial and Australia is hosting a conference on combating antisemitism and anti Zionism in Europe as the country marks the eightieth anniversary of its annexation to Nazi Germany. The austrian. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is open to propose ways that helps secure Jewish life in Europe. But his critics point out the views in coalition with the far-right Freedom Party whose. Members are often embroiled in nine neo-nazis kangols BBC news..

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