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Nominated singer Lanista Randolph. Everyone's wearing masks, even though it's outside on DSA. You can bring food is P y o p. Or you can order food, You know, it's just the kind of nice to feel like you're at a picnic hitting and watching the show. And or you mean your card. They bring the performances of the 1984 film toe life with their vocals and passion by the end of the show, Man, People are dancing and they're up on their seat. And they're out, you know, screaming to the top of their lungs because we all have a bunch of stuff we just need to release Radio Park is not only creating a great event to go to, but it's also helping creatives through the uncertainty of the pandemic, providing work and a sense of purpose to not only the singers but also the band, the stagehands, producers lighting it. Sound concessions. The list goes on. We don't have jobs as artists, workers, you know, so number one to be able to do is show in the pandemic is just a blessing. It's a job in the city of dreams at a time. It's gone dark When you think about pandemic relief arts relief was the last and it's the least but we are a huge part of the workforce. Executive producer Jeremy Shepherd self funded the project in planning He wanted to ensure there was a safe space 20,000 square feet where we place 50 pick me Damn. So that is really socially distance the tables or each in their own mark Box 12 ft Apart. One per group. Guests can also rent one of the 50 parking spots. They're both options. $100 a girl. People are fate. Everyone's afraid people are celebrating everyone celebrating, so be able to feel secure and celebrate. Feels like Oh, my gosh, Maybe we're getting some.

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