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Don't carry the channel unless of course you hate the sound of laughter the Bob and Sheri Show with Bob You said it was my fault and Sherry that's what we do here and now Broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios in Farben Sharing. Let's start out with some good news here today folks apple may soon so it's going to be so much better I'm so I'm so pissed off at apple right now watt go ahead it's the updates on my phone oh I thought it was gonna be that they accidentally released a bunch of Safari user information into China no did that happen yeah you haven't read the whole article I just saw come across Max Max's right it's Dedi did the update which I don't want as you know I don't like any change unless it has to do with making the environment better or it's medical and so it forced me I don't have like the thumbprint to open it up or or the the numerical openings I just don't want it I just want you know if if somebody steals it I what are they going to get really you know you just want to be left out I just want to be left alone so they forced me to do the thumbprint thing and now and sometimes it doesn't work thumb is not exactly where it should be and then Mary said we should have used your index finger you screw that up I can't do anything right why do they have to change all the things you don't have to have that to get in you can bypass that you just go in they yell at you go in there and go now I don't want anything I want to just be able to get in here without any I couldn't figure out how to bypass at this time so now I have to do that and some of the changes are stupid do you know how if you turn off the ringer on the phone off little bell has across that's gone that's gone you know what the replaced it with a tight the teeny weeny little sign that says it's it's off yeah I don't like it either stupid they should've left the bill the bill was flying Oh and the volume when you would like tap the volume it would show you the volume and now it's a bar in the top left corner of the screen that's any is that where that went to couldn't find see the other one was fine the most used emojis now most used emojis are these little horses does that look like something a fifth grade girl would use why did they do that I don't have it looked at my most use emojis mouse it is not about let me see I can't get in there it is all right so irritating all right emojis approach I don't like the changes in my in my email I don't like any I don't think I've ever complained about an apple up date I don't like this update at all right there you've never complained about an update I don't think so I've never disliked update as much like this one okay let me see my emojis there's some of them there's the the peaceful son the thumbs-up which is the one I use the most the I which I it's disturbing looking when you send it I just kind of like it the red heart the googly crazy face yeah minor there acts I don't know what happened to yours out of these stupid horse yeah you got Purple Worsens I've got a little girl got plus no a Tusk bore laugh crying tough one to work you you save yourself how someone getting text me something where I go you know what this calls for a wild boar tusks in the grip of uncontrollable land recently used most use a purple unit I'm blowing a kiss that would have that it's true I have one of the ones that showed up for me was a cow with its head exploding and rage I didn't know that existed do they determine something through saying algorithms that maybe looks at what we tell the cow is what a cow's head is exploding like the cow is a cow explosion without much listen I'm just waiting waiting for the moment where I go oh yeah the wild boar laughing that's coming today why would why would a cow feel that way less it hasn't been milton about a week outraged outrage and there's the girl with the purple hat I have the girl with the Purple Heart to next don't have the Unicorn blowing up a purple balloon like you do so anyway I just am so irritated with them right now white that's the basic thing why can't they just leave me alone I want you know it's like it's like a remote when you get if you get a new system in your house with television takes forever to figure out where everything is once I figure it out they change it and I know they do it just to kind of a we're still in your life we're apple and don't forget about us don't take for granted we're still in your life we're gonNA focus you right now on the phone in the new things I was I was at a wedding over the weekend with a bunch of people that I was meeting for the first time and signed to send something on my phone I'm like Oh I hate this update and the the guy sitting across from the table said well it makes time just to Cloyne it aw it load it while I was asleep that's what happened to me yeah can you decline Do I have to stay up all night do it at one o'clock in the morning as much longer why would you say that because it's odd planned obsolescence I can't believe it's lasted as long as it has just fun at a four live he's got a five of five but you know what ends up happening as the new updates command the older equipment doesn't instead of eleven hundred I can send the wild you're laughing with tusks gala Mars Review sent right to your phone heck's movies you eight eight five shares and this week the People's movie critic is Reviewing Gemini Man Starring Will Smith That's Friday with Lamar the people's movie critic Gemini Man you know I hate it when some yeah look a new story comes out right and then somebody says somebody no says oh I suspected that from the beginning I knew that that person was getting no you didn't eat it all right so I just I just made that statement I actually thought this before for AL's comments came out as soon as I heard the song blurred lines and actually listened to blurred lines and I'm not anti blurred lines I mean it sounded like the Marvin Gaye Song I still I was okay with added in a lot of a lot of sounds are borrowed with different songs but was something that was disturbing about not only the lyrics and what they were saying but the name of the song because I was brought up when a woman says no it's no no means no so ferrall has come out and he said I wish I hadn't written that Song I would not have written it today he said in an interview with Jay q he let me see where I can pick it up here when there started to be an issue with it lyrically I was like what are you talking about there are women who really he liked this song connect with the energy just gets you up women sing those kind of lyrics all the time so it's like what's rape e about this and then I realized that there are men who use the same language when they're trying to take advantage of a woman and it doesn't matter that it doesn't matter and that is not my behavior it just matters how it affects women I realized that we live in a chauvinist culture in our country I hadn't realized that before dinner realized that with some of my songs.

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