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To a city of refuge so abishai rounds up his brother so abishai rounds up his brother joab and all his special forces unit and leave jerusalem to find execute sheba and team have been added to low too much too much too loud. Let's cut to a day and a half ago and a massive is marching in front of all the men from judah and is on his way back to jerusalem to report back to david as they were marching a massive cease. His brother joab or his cousin. Joab i think yes. I think it's cousin so massey's his cousin joab just up ahead on the path but what a massive didn't see is that joy had pulled out a dagger and was hiding it from a massive once. Jaw was close enough. He was like is what's up. Get over here and give your cousin a big hug you throughout the story of a second book of samuel whenever you see joab you should run right. Job seems to be connected. A lot with you know agreed. The last person. Like a like yeah. He's the acid agreed. Who's the kiss of death. Yeah yeah yeah so justices. Massa raises his arms up to joab joel grabs him by the beard and stabs him under the fifth rib and for some reason amasses entire intestinal organs build out onto the ground and he felt fell down instantly right. Yeah so then joab special forces guys step forward our military and is all a so. That's what's up if you're pro. David then followed joab now so once they started to march one of the special forces guys notices how slow everyone is marching so they look back and can see that..

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