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The gal cleared cleared it so you know it. I don't know if it took all the shot but took some of it and just shooting in the trees that can happen. But it's sounds like you have a history Missing birds perfect. Play over your young little dog. yes i heard. Yeah yeah i did that. I did that on a sharp tail in kota. And i did this and this is what i'm hearing. I'm not gonna lie to you. This this i like awesome point by juniper and i'm gonna miss that birth the biggest well juniper's rose she will She won't get too worked up about it and showed us keep on keeping on point the next one a nice segue we definitely i definitely want to talk about juniper and you've got a little bit of a transition here with dogs kind of adding to the mix and different styles and flavors wanna talk. Yeah all that stuff we think we should. I think we should talk about shooter a little bit. Cause a lot of people know what what's going on shoot all the time so shudo's my first dog. Yep am she was five years old. When i got her about two and a half years ago and she came from a breeder she is. She's a golden retriever and very real brett. good good pedigree. great dog and She's a hot hunter. Just perfect made for me the point in time that i was at. She's very easy doc. She's a very beginner. Friendly dog i would say right. So i can take her out and throw into a field and we walk and she finds birds like not all not a lot of other. Docs met so far but again. She's a flashing dog and she's a hell of a retriever and that's kind of what i handed over the last two years and one hundred. We're quite spread of upland. Birds was her doing seasons. People told me. I shouldn't even go out hunting. For example brad chickens december over flushing dog and things like that but she does a great job. She's wonderful she's seven years old now and so. I made the decision cautiously. I listened to a lot of podcasts and talk a lot of people that need a second dog but mainly do what. I just mentioned earlier to seeing her kind of being really tired at the end of a season and that took a lot oliver for that one hundred much and walked her that much. We walked a lot of miles. So i know i needed some power and just just live minnesota but also we have a cabin up another misconduct as you know. I do a lot of cross. And i really enjoyed hunting over point dogs the last so i decided get appointing and we got on the list waiting lists and eventually we gotta gotta young ponding dog out of painter of lavelle cow warn and really so far just blown away. She was born on january sixteenth. We picked up was nine weeks old and since then it's been a rollercoaster the beginning of walls. I'm still worrying too much. If you spare liam always to worry but but do you know she really does well and this. This idea of ninety percent of the successes. Genetics is really plays a big role in that dog. It's and it shows me because we have a rescue dog offer. Stock stock haggard. And he's just so hot to train and he's so hard to keep under control tuna kind of herself. You do you kind of describe what you wanna do doesn't matter which village strategy gopher which is a toll total another can of worms. You can open rang. How you want to train your bird talk once you decided what you to do and you go that way. It kind of seems to really wear a garden is all repetitiveness and eventually you can see delight. Just turn on whatever you want to figure it out and then to just keep doing it. And and i was focusing a lot on obedience because you know. Shoot up being sold obedient. I really enjoy that. I like a doctor listens to me. I don't like to yell too much. Even though yeah i did at the beginning quite a bit but yeah so so she's she's coming along nearly seven months old now and she's seen a lot of birds well over one hundred pigeons thanks jerry. And she's pointing. She's obviously had some big news. Here's shooting the first birds over her. There was quite exciting and and does was quite the event. I was too nervous to do it myself. But maybe you wanna talk about that. Yeah now we. We will definitely get that but i don't wanna i don't wanna leave that we're gonna leave shooter behind but i wanna i wanna talk a little bit more about that and again. I know you've been on travis you've been on travis. Franks podcast right. Yeah travis nice flush until like some of your stories has been told was shooter and south. But i'm i'm curious as far as like you know you are really a new hunter. You what you were looking at that connection to food and your you had the passion for cooking and stuff but when it came to getting on the ground and hunting was shooter you got the dog what how prepared or because i know you research but like how were you feeling about just taking your dog out into the uplands and just going for you know like those first couple hunts. Did you go with somebody. The first time did you go off completely. Went by myself horrible. By the way described feeling because i was so unexperienced and seoul scared at the beginning that i thought to myself and this might sound funny to you or anybody that listened to that thought is going to be so hard when a bird flush televisa han pheasant or rooster. I because i just didn't know right. All you do is watching videos and you hear those horror stories of people like last hands all day so long story short. It was a little scared and but intimidated by all of it. Yeah just just a lot and and it's not like it's not like a you know a scene where you can just ask somebody to take you understand that you know. It's a complete stranger with an accent. Asking you to share the field for for morning was a couple of guns and walking somewhere as i get that point but but after all i'm kind of a diy anyways and you know just try to learn ball and stuff and try to prove to a sudden pointed at can do it and then farm open to other people coming in. If that makes any sense. I just wanted to prove the point that i can do it myself. I so i went out and it was pretty straightforward. I didn't see many birds at the beginning. And minnesota makes it at the beginning of made it easier because you have those forty two eighty acre plots of. Wma's we just know you can go to. You know rather parking lot is it's very. It's very easy as kind of the and hunter museum park and hopefully bird right now. Where i'm at now in my life. It's totally depressing to me to hunt forty acres. But that's a different topic. At the beginning. This was perfect for me right. it's a good beginner's things like oh this is a spot you can go. You totally legal right. If somebody else you'd be nice you ask or you. Just leave you know. So things like that and edited a couple of times around the city. Isn't that eventually. I think the first bird The first wild bird shot over shooter was actually my neighbor and he came along with me that one evening and actually talked him into like. Hey you should come as a great place. I have never seen anything else but a great place and we walk in and it was all done to. He's actually a hunter. He grew up in morristown minnesota so he knows quite a bit and he helped me from then on just to understand a coupla things. A little better. He's not a dedicated peasant. Hunter bernie means but you know he has some ideas and so yeah. We walked out and and rent around and couple hands. Flush right in front of us throughout the war was really exciting. We've got a yellow. Tennis lousy could was awesome and eventually we were just about to turn back insists on with us to and we were just on the way to turn back and maybe one hundred fifty yards downhill dumb. Roosters just cackling like his brains out like six forty five minutes on our to sundown. Segui still have that much time and just cackling and keeps instead. Go right this is go down there. And by the time. And i was like what was that the roost of really..

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