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I you would you for the next now our in fifty six minutes it will fly right by I will do so with your help I get the telephone lines open I want to hear about how your team data how you perceived your team did here in a week four in the National Football League I here's the first stat I want to throw at you today and we're going to break down all bunch of games and some were pretty darn exciting when I came in to join act two hours ago to wrap up but on football with them I said damn that Kansas city Detroit game was phenomenal today that's the best game of the day. and then we had this wild one between the box in the rams and arrange to get the ball back in actually driving it down by aids in the fourth corner and yard dockets blind sided constant up and down we can still add to gold my friend Chris Berman rumbling bumbling stumbling in from thirty seven yards out against his former team to put that one away and then on top of that. the Denver Broncos with Joe Flacco who has had an exactly let the world on fire to do got to Denver actually get to together drives the Broncos the link to the field step into the end zone for a game winning touchdown not so fast my friends he scores with a minute and twenty three seconds to go any allows the material young rookie Gardner mean hue to dried the gags back down the other and gets them into may global field goal range and Josh Lambo booted between the upright so the gag wise let the lead slip out of their hand and they know you re grass a victory two four nominal late games endings that I don't know if it tops the Kansas city Detroit game which I'm going to get into in more depth here in just a second but now that the majority of the results are in now we've got a Sunday night or you have to go between the cowboys and the saints no you got a Monday nighter between the bangles and the Steelers he's a good news some is gonna get a win right well I shouldn't say that because we do already have it hi here in the National Football League in that plays into the stat that I'm just about to throw out to you the great majority of teams in the National Football League at the end of this week tonight Sunday night tomorrow morning I will play the corner of their season they will unlock before of the sixteen regular season games are going to play the only teams that don't have a chance to do that all our. my dad said in three and now Niners two or three in all day are one of the few the proud you can actually get to for now we've only got two so far and that's the key from the pats. but yes the Niners and eventually get there got to wait a week to get their child to go for it out and the cowboys get their shot to go for now tonight I will put the possibility although we've already had one of a tie inside. there are five records did teams can have at this point in the season that's it. you've got four in all I know one four. you've got three in one and one in three and you've got to into that those are the only five records the teams can have at this point again if you put ties as side which yes we had one week winds between the cardinals and alliance. that means with thirty teams having played a quarter their season by the time this weekend is over if you divided evenly five potential records by the number of teams in the NFL it would be six a piece. everything ran perfectly in the numbers worked out to the probabilities you would have a six oh one fourteen six four and teams six three in one teams six one and three teams and sex. two in two teams. you know how many teams are tuned to win a national football league right now. eleven. that soon to be and it could go to twelve because empty same for tonight to the cowboys they could go to two one to hear your two into teams in the National Football League Titans one ravens two Texans three raiders for cold five charges six giant seven Bucks eight jags nine eagles ten us good meat is only ten that are to into so far but if the saints lose tonight they can stretch that number to eleven. which has I just laid out for you you would expect it to be more like six maybe five maybe seven yeah you give him one plus one minus one ninety direct there's ten and maybe eleven teams in the National Football League delivery to into you know what that means balance now your pessimist you'll say it's a bad day you'll say the disparity because the word parity to me has a bad connotation I have no problem with that balance is good that means going into every single week unless it's a massive mates mat mismatch you think your team has a chance to win and no game was more tell tell the nat then today's game which was one of the games that I picked and I was wrong about I don't can see chief were just simply better than a Detroit Lions would go in there and put up a whole bunch of points against them that was not the case the lines played really well took the lead in the fourth quarter they'd too may have scored just a little bit poorly they scored the go ahead touchdown with two minutes left to play and with a I think that the chief had two timeouts left hand on the ball back Pat moans with two minutes to play and given him a chance to March down the field and re take the lead after you gain delete and my homestead motorhomes things in case you didn't catch the charges quickly recap the last ride for you they get the ball at the twenty one yard line. he took it out in the end zone winnable came down to to to they kick off point for night down to to to return it took it ninety yards out to twenty one most homes first play past Williams out of the backfield for eleven yards incomplete to Williams Mahone short right to Williams again for two yards that takes him down to two minute warning incomplete pass and third down so we sit in on a four ten eight four ten eight. I am home scrambles up the middle makes the play with his legs cold for fifteen yards with the ball gets down to get the first down and it gives them the ball out near midfield next passes the Kelsey in a play that my home scrambled came out in a pocket ran up toward the line of scrimmage came to a dead stop I think he had a sandwich somewhere in the middle there not enough pass rush out of Detroit completed to wide open Kelsey we got out of bounds on the play after gaining eighteen yard so all of a sudden they were to the Detroit twenty thirty three yard line what a minute and thirty two seconds ago homes on a scramble the next play gets a little bit of a helping hand defensive holding on the lions instead of picking up a yard with a scrambled they given five on a penalty homes go short middle the Robinson for nine yards to get it down to the Detroit eighteen mom short passed a hard man for two yards gives them a first down no it was now where you get the first down on the nine yard pass so he games two yards on first down goes in complete deep to wide gins hours of play any ends on a white kids got its hands on the defender actually for the ball off and then I did a pretty nice job home short left to bring goal that was a huge play out of the backfield thirteen yards down to the Detroit the Brady and here's where I don't understand the the next play the ad they have got the ball inside the three yard line and they run the ball up the middle Williams gets close you can't really tell if he broke the plane or not the referees come in and make a pretty definitive call there are many short the clock is running Kansas city is out of timeouts there's thirty seconds to go when they run the play. Detroit calls a time out. it's basically been telling you yes we think they're going to score and we want to give ourselves a chance get the ball back in late our guy go down the field and trying get it's a touchdown what it could remember by three it can see scores the touchdown makes the P. A. T. well then that means Detroit's got to get a touchdown to you under thirty seconds to go you could put your faith in defense you could make Kansas city run a run play no Detroit takes a time out and they like ten city huddle up and decide exactly what play they're going to run they go Williams up the middle again again a debated play you couldn't really tell if the ball got past the goal line but again kudos to the referees will call in the game they made the definitive signaled they gave in a touchdown they reviewed it the call stand play was up held and he keeps take the lead thirty four thirty yes the line's got the ball back with twenty seconds to go and Stafford made one night's bad twenty five yard pass any against a major Kansas city pre read defense to get it out by the fifty yard line he actually got to hail Marys off into the end zone on the last two black plays that nine seconds to go in the next to last one way after they eat the ball is tipped around any ends on the clock on TV read zero zero they reviewed it there was at least one second is between one and two so they put to one o'clock to Stanford got to to no they'll marry into the end zone that also did not connect so the density chief were allowed to walk away with a victory my home drive in in the link to the field as quickly as he did under two minutes thirteen play seventy nine yards that's what superstar quarterbacks do specifically on the road and by the way you had not a great day the up until I final drive he had been solid past. the Detroit defense he played pretty darn well but he did what he needed to do to pull out a win in the last two plus man city game that's why Pat Holmes is an MVP candidate again what I want to hear from alliance fan. is this a. moral victory. because you hung with an undefeated Kansas city team because yes you did have the lead with two minutes to play because yes you did get to L. marries into the end zone on the last two blades where you could have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat. or was this a major mess up. your coach takes a time out. what can the city's scrambling inside the five with under a minute to play and they got no timeouts left. you got to force them to use their touch if they had a time out lab you got to force him to use our press down which they didn't Detroit took the time out after the first down because Detroit was determined to get the ball back in give Matthew Stafford a chance and I just said he did get a couple a Mary's off so I can get you can make the argument that the strategy worked I say baloney I take the strategy failed because you gave Kansas city the chance to run the offense and factor exactly would play they wanted to and they did they stuck it into the end zone against your defense so I think the alliance trying to help the chiefs to that victory with some shoddy coaching late in the game so that to me was the best game of the day it's a matter of fact we're going to punch against up from Detroit to give us a little bit more insight on where to lie and say it now hi to all in one two one one it's not a bad record but it's good for third place tonight division because package at three one and there's a three one so you look it up in a couple teams in your division Justin Rogers covers the lions for the Detroit news he's gonna hop aboard worst top of our number two but if you want said game and you were once again impressed by Patrick my homes veteran quarterback in the National Football League we can talk about that any any other games or play today I mentioned it to great for card games late afternoon games that went down to the wire jags rebounding after having the lead Coughlin it up late get it again what a great guy dementia drive at the end of the game and the rams where do you know coming in today I had not been overtly impressive in any of their three way in three wins he David James woods were pretty good today and Jared Goff throwing a ball sixty some might die I didn't see the final number sixty eight off to the ball sixty eight times state he threw for five hundred yards that's supposed to be an accomplishment guess what. not good three interceptions not a great day for Jared dot so.

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