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And health and i'll tell you right now you probably not going to be able to dozen balance the way the the the guru's all suggest that it might be able to you can grind balance but when you're growing when you're dealing if it's not always that simple you know we would joke about this i am the resident single experienced pro right a been divorced for things eight years now involved in a on occasional guan data would whatever and i have a couple of my dates say to me you don't have time for me the imf ferrick yorkshire's too busy in your business i think that's a fair assessment i think that there is a time and place for everything we make time for what's important to us to think everybody would agree with that and right now they're right especially if you leave with that you're absolutely right that art right now on building a business of building a company that is going to be sustainable in highly valuable talking about seventy figures valuable in the future and so if that's going to be the case now's the time for that i also believe that if the right person came on a priorities are always able to reallocate so what's another sign that you're ready to grow your skill your business will look your bank account is.

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