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Cheated dude it's all right here all right magic johnson is the lakers all time leader insists with more than ten thousand who second on the lakers all time assist koby bryant michael thomson got it is kobe patty that was the one i will say you he'd never his buzzer michael i said michael way did it after yet everything backward kobe's number two behind reggie theus for two guards assists all time yeah code like by the way magic had over ten thousand kobe had six thousand three hundred six well ahead you have you have ten thousand to pass more all right all right two more if ochej gets it he keeps the title all right all right the nba mvp awards started in nineteen fifty five since that time over sixty two years only four lakers have won the mvp while in a laker unify who are the four shay kill o'neil correct magic johnson correct kobe bryant correct cream of digital game over oh shea bleeds verbal and goal how did you get that you played at show man all right i will ask you the last question just for fun all right all right see if michael can make it competitive it'd be accent was all right here we go the lakers win the title in both two thousand nine against orlando in two thousand ten against the celtics for the starters on those team with the same kobe fish pow casalan andrew bynum remember lamar odom came off the bench to different forward started in nine and ten each winning their only ring or the to say i'm going to go with ron r test or meta world peace either one would on one medicine was in ten trevor a reason michael you got clowned big deal.

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