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Apply. I which would negate terms of a plea agreement. CBS's Elaine Kiana manafort's lawyers deny the charges. They say he met with Muller's office several times, and he believes he provided truthful information, if prosecutors don't ask for leniency Manafort is likely to face at least ten years in prison for financial cry a presidential pardon could spare Manafort Mr. Trump went to Mississippi to campaign for the Republican incumbent in today. As runoff election for San Diego. Need to give Schumer another vote to block our judges and abolish your borders and stole are wonderful nominees. We have great nominees. We have to get them through indie Hyde Smith who's white has been under fire for a joke about a public hanging. Her opponent democrat, Mike Espy is black or comments don't reflect value about St. give us a black guy again and this state. We don't need any more black protesters. Stop rush hour traffic near Birmingham, Alabama. After police in Hoover admit they killed the wrong man during a shooting at a shopping mall on thanksgiving night. Police initially described the officer who killed twenty one year old EJ Bradford junior as her roic Bradford. Whose father is a cop was carrying a licensed handgun federal officials believe they've pinpointed the source of a multi state outbreak of E coli linked to romaine lettuce. The FDA says it was all grown in central coastal regions of California KCBS TV Stacy Butler. If you do decide to buy Romain lettuce, either by itself, or in a salad mix pack, the CDC says just make sure that you can see where it's coming from. And if he can't don't buy forty-three people have gotten sick in twelve states, the university of Maryland confirms the potentially deadly. Add no virus is spreading WBZ TV's. Nick Carter health officials say the three students tested positive over the thanksgiving break. And none of the new cases is required hospitalization. It comes just one week after freshman Olivia paragon died from complications from the virus. Overall nine students have tested positive for ad Navarre's. The verdict is in. About to enter.

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