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You know, maybe this will inspire some of the other PVC fighters to do things outside of the realm of what mostly has been done over the last few years. Yeah, PBC or any fighter. If you, if there's a fight you want, you've got power. Like you can push for it. Look what Stephen Fulton just did. Look what javonte Davis and Ryan García just did. Like it can be done. There can be cross promotional events that can get done. Real quick, do you have any reaction to adrien broner versus Hank lundy on pay per view in February? Replacing Ivan red catch. Do you have any reaction to are you more excited about that or Gigi's to vern? I'll put it that way. It looks like good reach to Verne is going to happen. I'm still not convinced broner and Hank lundy. How are they selling tickets to that? Who's I don't know. Jeez, there's so many things working against them. Good lie. And I know you've probably got being in the Philly area. You've met Hank lundy a bunch of times. I like hand Columbia a lot. Like he is a really light hammer and Hank. I saw him, I went down to do a story on broner in Colorado before his fight against Marcos Madonna. And Hank lundy was his sparring partner for that fight. And it was the most bizarre sparring session I've ever seen because Mike Stafford, the trainer for Adrian broner, just let them do like 18 minute rounds. So all they're doing in the ring is like wailing away at each other and talking shit the entire time. He's like, yeah, yeah. I hooked up with you a girl. I'll tell you a girl. I hooked up with your mom. Hooked up with your mom. It was like, it was wild, watching those two kind of go back and forth. So, you know, they'll definitely be some trash talk before the fight, but heck lundy's lost like what, three fights or something in a row, four out of 5, something like that, and broner. I'm not defending the fight now. I'm not supporting it in any way, but he actually gave Jose zapata a tougher fight than people realize when it was I think it was two fights before the paid of fought regions program. But it was a paid his first fight after the ranching fight, which was a knockdown drag out. Year. And I wondered, was it a reflection of his pay to not having anything left or Hank lundy having more left than people realize? But again, putting that on pay per view is just nuts and I don't know that it's going to happen for a variety of reasons, first I know broner's training. Well, he trained he put in an entire training camp and then the Sunday or Monday, but I think it was the Monday of fight week withdrew from the fight against our figaro junior 5 months ago and he pulled any set he wasn't in the right headspace to I mean, there are so many things working against this that may lead to it not happening. And let's just hope it doesn't. Honestly, because yeah, I saw you mentioned this is a paid a fight. I saw lundy fight Alex Martin in Texas. That was on an undercard.

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