William F Buckley, Chris Matthews, America discussed on Part Of The Problem - Murder & Theft


What's it got like william f buckley debating gore view dow it's not exactly the same thing as like hannity verse fucking chris matthews you now it it this is not that there is a and then the media this type of media can only work on a culture that that's already like a jerry springer culture it wouldn't have worked on my grandfather's culture that's just not there's a reason why they talked to them in a whole different way you know they had to so in your opinion like what what's a path forward had he possibly combat that combat the destruction of this culture yeah plenty i dunno that's an interesting question why i think it starts with recognizing you now what what the problem is i think there's we is a problem just that were generally compulsive and so now they're just more entertainment in vehicles to kinda just self indulge is that like no i really do believe that like these certain structures were like ripped apart like there's these certain structures in america that we we really got to a place of wealth and and and just a spot and humanity that we not a lot of civilizations have been at before and there were a lot of different forces at work and these these structures that had been in place for really i mean since the beginning of civilization were really what's the word a looking for they were really not eliminated or like abolishing but greatly degraded greatly greatly degraded like these these traditional forces like like family and religion and tradition iin things that people lived under four since the beginning of civilization you know really like this is the way you you live.

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