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Why they wouldn't be let's go to richard richard how are you i'm very good how're you will like you know i up with regard of the founding fathers there was no such thing term limits of the added fdr they wanted washington to have a third term but only of the president well i don't think it no one but yes that's true we yet but it would only done recently i mean you overcoats exactly right uh with regard to term limits i always here republicans calling up and laureate laying of repub democrats well why don't they leave i go to their republicans that they've been there forever like grass yellow whatever or local had asked them to resign and and and get it 'cause you know what that's believe by example you know but the sold out that's being tonight but the other thing is if you have term limits given the gerrymandering on this country many states uh you probably end up getting a very similar person to the person who runs and then you go so you know it as you say the ballot box and and as i say if the called you'll you by republicans and i'm just you know i'm sick all of their nonsense and that's particularly to nonfinn to uh one turtles they're all using it against their political enemies and they're perfectly happy with whatever repub lick on uh they they get as far as i can tell so at least the stars that they can make a good point i mean for example if we'd had term limits maybe we could have paid philip wouldn't have been uh the senate president may be paid fill of putin have been in the senate all those years your are w robert blair many years ago you know those guys to a wouldn't have been the speaker if you'd have term limits a high also come in i mean okay advantage to annoy neither some people because you say that then you run by your staff that we would all a lot of work and it just it just people you know employed as far as i'm proud and um yeah eddie i i'm sorry i just wanted to get my snide remarks came as you did i thanks let richard thanks i appreciate that the you know lemme lemme compared term limits for those of you who may not remember i do unfortunately back in the days when pat quinn's.

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