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Not so much for her husband, Corey Moseley. But yeah, she's been charged with two counts of resisting police obstructing the police a felony carrying a maximum penalty of two years and one count of disorderly conduct which is a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of ninety days. And what about Caray motza parents charged with one count of disorderly conduct one of disturbing the peace in both of those are misdemeanors max penalty of ninety days. Okay. So in this was sent by the Detroit police on March six two thousand nineteen at twelve seventeen. AM police were called to the hotel to investigate a disturbance that was created by Mr. Moseley at the reception desk in the elevator area and the entry way of the hotel. He was irate that hotel personnel will not allow them to the room, which is registered only his wife name. He doesn't have a room key the manager called the room. And no one answered when the police Rives it's alleged. He was gesturing and speaking loudly in a confrontational manner. Right. So and then apparently during their investigation the police want to miss Wagner's room to confirm that Moseley was her husband after she confirmed. The information Moseley eventually calmed down was allowed into the room by police while the police relieving, but still in the hallway they heard a loud, noise and shouting inside the room is caused them to return to the room to investigate they advise MS Wagner that hotel security requested that her husband leave. She was informed that hotel security would allow her to remain in the room. But when an officer tried to remove him, she prevented the officer from taking action it's alleged that she put her arm on him. And then when he moved her arm to get into the room, she pushed his hand away and was arrested and it continues. Yeah. So they had said they had some. We haven't seen the video yet dessert. Oh, folks charges filed here we go. Jason.

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