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It looked like a mall. Whoever murdered Joan Bradford clearly wanted to be absolutely sure it was brutal. It was cold. It was very revengeful type of shooting there was no sign of a break in her purse was untouched and no one in the neighborhood saw anything so detectives turned their investigation to Jones inner circle. They asked her children about their mother. Their father and the marriage John Own didn't hold back wasn't a good marriage over it was obvious when I was a teenager they they never hugged they never kissed they rarely spoke and when they did speak bill was controlling condescending at one point. When I was sixteen eighteen my father actually looked in the eye and said life's a bitch and then you marry one. My parents got in a fight that he pushed her down her head hit. A rocking chair shattered it. I mean that's what I grew up in when they find be separated. The divorce was nasty. My father refused to be cowed. Supporting refused to pay style support everything he did was to extend the divorce and it took over five years for Joni. Get divorced as part of the settlement bill was ordered to pay alimony and child support but he did not make the payments as required so joan and her attorney able to Garnish all that unpaid support from bill share of the House proceeds. The total amount that was garnished was forty thousand about that bad so it really wasn't that much but it bothered me. It bothered because she wanted to lose forty thousand dollars. You lost control. My father does not like losing control of anything. Bill never saw it coming. Suddenly he was almost forty thousand dollars poorer and the day after Bradford and all that money Johny garnished his ex wife was dead so the cops went looking for Bradford double was he seemed to have disappeared. Fear didn't pick up. His phone didn't answer the door that his department detective Mason went back to headquarters inserted the name Bill Bradford in his this database and it did in fact own a model sixty six Smith and Wesson handgun three fifty seven magnum and which just tap into fire the same kind of bullets founded the crime scene so detected mason got a warrant to search Bradford's apartment. There was no side of him or the gun but we did find a box in his bedroom that was supposed to contain a Smith and Wesson but it was empty Saturday past still those onto Bill Bradford police even put up posters hoping for leads and then on Sunday two days after the murder he came into the Police Department woah myself and another detective asked him if he was aware of the fact that his ex wife who was dead. Did we ever had a very good relationship. This guy just sat there and looked at me like I'm sitting here looking at you. I thought boy you are a cold calculating guy very don. Shaw Coli and who cares Bradford confirmed what his children said. He was very upset. Santos all that money from his share of the house sale it was suddenly sent to Joan so upset. He left his apartment for almost two whole days. I went to Redondo Redondo pier spent the night at Olatunji towards morning six o'clock. What the hell was he doing at the Pierre in his car. Dr stated that you didn't feel good. He wanted to be alone and think I said well you live yeah. He said well. I didn't want to talk to people I didn't want to talk on the phone. I just wanted to be alone alone. The Redondo Beach Pier for nearly two days the police asked him about his three fifty seven. Magnum Joan had been shot with Hollow Point Bullets Bradford admitted he wants bought Ammo like that but as for the gun itself put my stuff in stories and not been able to locate and where do you think you left. It hadn't sledged idea where to strike. You odd that this Fella who was so well organized would misplace gun. Oh yes struck me odd. I knew right away he didn't misplace it no doubt in my mind because of the type of fellow he was but Bradford did have an alibi a parking stub sure enough the under the pier parking lot Friday of the murder seven twenty nine pm so he said he could not have killed Joe unless detectives put together a time line. Joan answered the phone call at seven seven pm but by seven fifteen when Shawn arrived. She was dead. We figure that's the time line seven seven fifteen right in that time narrow window right Kabila. Shot Joan then arrived at seven twenty nine at the fear. They made the drive themselves. It took just seven to eight minutes. It all fits when the detective said. Your father is a prime suspect. It's the only the thing that made sense. There was no one who could hate my mom so much to want her dead except my father and so just days after interviewing Bill Bradford. The detectives made their move. I arrested him. There are no way in the world. I'm going to let this this guy going to be a dope not to you did it right. There was a ton of circumstantial evidence at all leaving him. Murder sold case closed right. Oh No it was just getting started. He spent a number of months looking over my shoulder of family. Living in fear with good reason was afraid that someone was after me somewhere. I my father.

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