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Lost to Green Bay. They scored six points against Chicago and they lost to Kansas City and Matt Moore. who was teaching Phys ed like three weeks ago? Those are their wins. Yes you like that. I don't like that that much. You don't like bet. Here's the other thing it's weirdly a must win for Dallas Alice they're five and three phillies five and four endow schedules about to get harder. Dow says please eighty five for the year and now offensively they have the number one offense devi away which did not realize and the lands only three his other thing. No Adam feeling who I just feel like they fall apart when he's out there he's like the third and seven guy for them so could they just slow down. Alvin Cook and like Kirk make a mistake. Then that's the other thing kirk cousins there you go yet kirk cousins. This is the angle. Guess what it's a Sunday night game you set it and not only that. It's against a team with a winning record like to humongous Kirk cousins. Sounds Bugaboos yeah this is this is why is going from strong. Lean to lock gotta play Dallas this week. Okay and then You we had one year the rams I like the rams of minus four at Pittsburgh the steelers are one and four the season against teams with a winning record now Mike Fitzpatrick has been really good. He has been impactful. He has helped that defense. Their defense looks very good right now. Yeah they they have done a good job against the teams since Mr Fitzpatrick joined them of holding teams below their average scoring and and Average total total yards but their offense is terrible. It's really even even the craziest steeler fans I know and I know a few unfortunately for me all of them are like yeah not good. They can't generate sustainable dries. They're the the average scoring scoring drive for the Pittsburgh steelers so far this season. Is this a little over. Forty four yards now. Why so that's that's I in the league that's tops in the leagues in terms of of the length of drive for that produces a score? That's a direct relationship bears direct correlation to the the turnovers that their defense is generating there. They they are way below average at at drives that start where normal drive is the beginning of the other opponents. Twenty five yard line. I mean their own twenty five yard having to go the length of the field. They have their Bottom five in the NFL. In that category so I just liked the rams who've had all of this time they're coming off the bye week. They are in a position here where they can pick up. They're going to pick up a game on either some that'll or San Francisco because those teams are facing each other. The RAMS CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE this game. They have to win this game to get to six thousand three and position themselves for both the playoffs and potentially the NFC west. I really feel like like anything. Under a touchdown onto me for the rams feels like value and I love the rams so that firewood we jared Goff outdoors. That's it in a location where the fans are rooting for the other team. You know Brandin cooks Messy Brandin cooks skin this year And that's it but I actually think the rams defense can win this game and to your point if the rams win this game. They're six and three. They're home for Chicago home for Baltimore next two weeks at Arizona. Home Seattle at Dallas at San Francisco Home Home Arizona. The Wizard Three Lane parred gates one TV four really hard games. Yeah so this is like if they lose this game they're fucked. They fought their seasons. But what about this Tampa and the rams money lines together is plus one eighteen. That's pretty good. I like do that over Tampa Baltimore Baltimore New Orleans. Yeah 'cause the that that that I mean we could also lose that but I like it all right. Here's what we're doing. Million Dollar picks we ten Tan. Yeah cowboys minus three must-win game more importantly a must lose game on a Sunday for the King of losing. They games on television kirk cousins going up against the winning team. He does not like that. In Chris Collins Earth gone. I just never seen anything like this this guy in a night game on TV. I just don't understand it out. I I just don't understand what you're collins worth. Yeah just a little bradshaw sorry. I tried five hundred K.. And the cowboys minus three lattes shots of Jerry Jones awkwardly high. I five in his son and whoever else in their woodstock you would still three hundred on Tampa and the rams the money lines minds plus one eighteen. I like that feels positive. Feels like a way to generate a little revenue. Yeah and then finally we will risk catoon sixty to win two hundred on Miami plus seventeen and a half seven point tease with the under two fifty. One I'm GonNa Really. I bet this with my own money. You want more money. Well I'M GONNA put my own money on that. I really liked that bet. All right well do three sixty then. I'll do three sixty to win three hundred on on that Great Sarah go cowboys minus three five hundred Rams Bucks Money Parlay three hundred plus one eighteen and then then we have my can't we were betting on the doll fits dolphins plus seventeen and a half with the under fifty one in that game. mm-hmm Fifth Magic Three Sixty K.. To win three hundred and that one there you got us all right. We're gonNA take a break. We're bringing the Mother Dragon. Hey let's talk about so i. If you're like most millennials you.

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