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He had another down. After chewing out in the middle. Mitigate. Covers bed. And shoot out as offensive line. This will be a highly motivated Tom Brady who looks like he will have Mike Evans you will have to of his tight ends so I get that but that's what you're saying we can take for granted Aaron Rodgers, going to be superman but if Tom Brady is superman, they'll win oh I don't know about that I think is talk radio plays. The boots will win I. I'm just curious. Do you think because of the bye week that any of the momentum has been maybe paused a bit on the side of the packers? No no I think the practice will be ready I'm anticipating that they'll win this game. All I'm saying is that the Tampa Bay to have any kind of change any kind of changed Tom? Brady. got to show up because Rogers is going GONNA show up because even when he doesn't show up, he's still looks like a guy that showed up Ra case Qbr through four games in the history of Qbr absolutely you know who's third on that list Tom. Brady Tom Brady. Peyton manning because these teams have never met in the playoffs. The bucks right now are ranked fourth to make the playoffs in the NFC, the packers second. So maybe a little crazy on this game to the bucks or are home underdogs by a little bit and so be a good one. We're all going to be watching last week mark the sixth Annual Kpmg Women's PGA Championship. Golf Club in Newtown Square Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia as the first ever partnership between the LPGA tour the PGA of America and KPMG THE KPMG Women's Pga Championship. Brought together the best LPGA players from around the world to compete for one of the most coveted major championships in gaul competing on the caliber courses the Kpmg Women's Pga Championship is elevated the women's game to new heights and puts the LPGA players in. The national spotlight and the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit held the week of the championship invest in rising women's leaders aspiring to reach the C. Suite by providing content tools and networking opportunities together, they service catalyst to empower women both off the golf course. KPMG. Continuing its commitment to the next generation of women, leaders, and proud sponsor of the Kpmg Women's PGA Championship to learn more visit KPMG DOT COM. Slash. Women's leadership. And look what we have here. Tight. Lou, back in the driver's seat, having agreed to a five year deal to become the next head coach of the Clippers according to ESPN's Adrian Watson ASCII He is replacing Doc rivers who served as an assistant last season under which ended with the team of blowing a three to one lead in the Western Conference semifinals and losing the Nuggets Tyler who had tremendous success coaching Lebron James in Cleveland as we can all remember and now he has to very dominant superstars on his hands in Leonard and Paul George. So with that Stephen I ask you how do you think tyler should go about approaching the duo of PG and You gotta get. New. Face. You gotta get facing you gotTa demand by reminding them who the hell this supposed to be as opposed to focusing on who they are. Now, let me give you some background Max Kellerman and let's let's break this stuff down todd. Lou should have been the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers the Los Angeles Lakers. Essentially wanted to pick half the staff for him and obviously that was not a position that he respected. So he turned down that job frank. Vogel. Steps in and it turns out that Jeanie Buss Rob Pelinka made the right choice Frank Vogel who's a defensive minded guy acquiring Anthony Davis shortly after his arrival as head coach ended up delivering the championship major props to them, Lakers should be congratulated especially Jeanie Buss first female to do what she has done nominal. Okay. Now, we get to the clippers. Dot Rivers is a great coach. I don't believe that it was right that he was let go because of the pandemic stalling the season. Especially when Gaza didn't even WANNA come there. But nevertheless, you were there for seven years and you never got to a conference finals. So you're going to have a lot of people that don't make that argument especially at the end of the day when they were reporting in Orlando that you saw Guy Sorta rolling their eyes and being somewhat dismissive of him because they had heard his voice. So many times they need a new voice tie Lewis the new voice because Todd Lou does. Not Play Tyler, who is the person that will tell the Bron-. Shut the hell up. He's the person that will get in anybody's face. He's the kind of person that look at. Linnet it'd be like you'll menace man handle those excuse me excuse me this. Yeah. Understand you're going to be ready to the playoff average thirty eight, thirty, nine minutes Matt Waco Myth no gains the problem is he's the double negatives, but the problem is this. You missing, Games during the regular season, you missing practices so to chemistry and the cohesiveness that we need come playoff time, we don't ask how would I know it because I want a championship with a superstar i. kind of know these things a heated do that Paul George Star but this levels to this this superstar status that's not where you are. You could be there but here's some of the things that you need to do and you gotta get tougher. And you can't check out can't be overwhelmed. Epidemic and all the celebrities that are going on. You can't do that and when you do stuff like that, it's going to matriculate right on now to the rest of the team because any here's what it comes down to. There's a billionaire who's got a new arena where old L. A. Forum. Yeah. Right. Near will only former. Inglewood. They got huge expectations if they ask the fair weathered stepchild in La if they would outweigh before you know how it is. Now when Lebron and a house as the reigning defending champions, you have to have personal pry to a degree where you are answering Nicole Kawai limit the knock against him. Max was not that he wasn't a great play not he wasn't top-five we know we could do. Co. Island is considered relatively indifferent. He does his job. He does nothing to galvanize the folks and bring them together Paul George. One of the nicest due to the world. Maybe that just ain't his personality, but he's not accused of being indifferent kawais accused of being indifferent todd. Lou Ankle have that and that's why believe he's right coach the job outside of his basketball knowledge and his resume. In terms of how I agree with what you're saying in terms of how we should approach that do oh, look when you're Leonard when you're not vocal when you don't do things that you mentioned, you have to lead by example, which he almost always does but he had his game seven meltdown like secondhand fourth quarter game seventy went away. It's hard to lead by example I mean. When, you have to lead by example, you better show up answer the bell every single time Paul George is the issue. Let's.

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