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You won't even know your Belaid. Oh, this is a bit worn is back in the news. Elizabeth warren. See is throwing and gosh. Great new twenty nineteen. That's going to be amazing. We'll talk about that at six thirty five KFI download with Craig Martin. There is no progress reported to ending the partial government shutdown after a White House meeting today. Mitch McConnell met speaking on the Senate floor this evening. Mitch mcconnell. Just a second folks having some computer issues here. Okay, Kentucky, Republican and majority leader Mitch McConnell sounded off against democratic plans in the house to pass measures that would end a partial shutdown without providing funding for a border wall. We're interested in bringing up something house has passed sixty senators all support and the president in other words back law. President Trump says he doesn't know how long the partial shutdown to the federal government will ask could be a long time quickly could be a long time. It's it's important to subject to walk away. From the White House is demanding that any spending Bill includes several billion dollars in funding for the wall. Something Democrats see as a non starter. A group is challenging the proposed the voter initiative to end future public funding for Phoenix's light rail. The building a better Phoenix committee says it has turned in the signatures needed to get the issue on the ballot. But today the chapter of associated general contractors of America. Filed suit asking the courts to invalidate the petitions the suit claims the initiative summary is confusing an unfair that signature gatherers were illegally paid the Phoenix city clerk has until January eighteenth to validate the signatures Mira COPA county animal care and control is busy trying to reunite dogs. He ran off during New Year's Eve fireworks from their owners spokesman Jose Santa Iago says if your dog is lost visit one of the two county shelters or call immediately. If we have a lost or straight animal and after seventy two hours, nobody's claimed that animal dot gov for. Option, and he says the shelters are already full and this puts additional strain on them the lost and found number is six zero two three seven two four five nine eight KFI covers the valley with eastside. Westside traffic. Here's leap, Al and Steve Trela. Yeah. Folks on the east side, you gotta break here right now. Just a couple of spots is slowing to watch out for on our freeways. He's found. Ten one of those from the seventeen split into the sixty and some staff go showing up on the red mountain westbound.

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