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We don't need to have all these separate irish and each time you took sort of had to move. That weren't approved was an us. Disapprove that dickey. We're gonna do competitions. And we had to prove that this wasn't suitable for the type about. We were developing this platform. it's christians. We needed an end user experience. We need But i'm saying that is supposed as a segue to you know I guess what come interesting monte platform. Because when i when cosimo mantra was aware of it i think we're not to those nineteen towards the end of that. It's sort of immediately struck me as okay. This is a pragmatic saint approach finally to the sharing of code across multiple platforms mobile. I've been involved by the way sort of number of initiatives over the years for free. Willion superstars shared code into office. Which is at least somewhat more sane approach but. I don't know if you guys have worked with john. I had to work jay. You know unfortunately goldstone feel like. That's one of those topics that if you can you usually avoid it. I guess yeah if you can avoid using it as well as we various we had to use it in their practical use. And it's one thing using stateless knight ridder touch it can function as in which you maybe media engine i. I just wanted to say on the topic of jane. I think this is. This is going to become a bit more interesting again now. Also with With all the topics around compulsive for desktop because of a bunch of lake system integrations. I dunno things like global hot keys or stuff the. jvm just doesn't really expose. so i think some some of the people at the forefront. They're wanting to write libraries. Yeah they might might have to go that route anyway. Yeah you know if if you're using it. I robot michael state library that district district functions wanting using your compete shared logic with the framework with the training involved with life cycle aspects. Dot is a different story completely debugging crush reports of So haven't gone through. That in us was having seen the sort of attempts sort of pulling in pushing us towards cross. Platform frameworks cottam. Okafor's was immediately. You know the caught cartoon. The cartoon obviously was an advantage a positive from my perspective but more generally i think it was a sane approach it was targeting shared logic target. Had kind of a mechanism in place where you could sort of. This is critical. You could incrementally adopted you know you start putting in for some small area. And i think that generally by today's still is that you start doing that in you take some particular business. Logic may be may be remote. Api endpoint access or so forth and then graduated up from there. And you know there's another kind of a discussion point around how you socialize that how you get in particular iowa's developers interested in an accepting of the but it's the topic himself but certainly certainly from that perspective. At least i think it's very important. Start small and and as the key thing about the type forums. It appealed point was that it had that capability that it it was lended itself to that sort of adoption. Yes so so just to kind of to recap your point. You feel that the that the main difference between cartland multi platform and these other cross platform. Toolkits is is what exactly that you can adopt them. Incrementally that you that you stay away from From what part would you say is kind of the most interesting here. This quite a few different aspects..

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