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Of course. You know? I'd be upset if you didn't bring them. And we have to have margaritas because I'm Nacho. Nacho margaritas. But we could do it. And we would do it live. Oh my God, that would be that would be my thing. We would do it live. It has to be live. All right. It can be biz bebs, bites, and barbecue. Done and done. Yeah. Best friend, needed ladies. Ready to go. My best friend used to be, she had a job. I don't remember what her title was. For the American barbecue association, and her job was to go out to all the barbecue competitions. That's all she did. All she did was judge at all these barbecue. I wanted that job. All she did was go and judge all these barbecue competitions. Wow. We could do that. We could do that. We could do that. Yeah. And do it live. No editing. That was a thing with you. This is the no editing. No muting. No. Obviously. Why? Why do you think that we should do editing? Because I know you guys have more questions for me, but why should we do more editing? I think because Cindy and I both suffer from allergies, so we're constantly muting to sniffle or cough or clear our throats or yes, so do I. But you are just brandish. You can do anything you want on a freaking podcast and people are going to still listen to you. Now when we get to Jess Brandon's level, then we'll back and sneeze a little bit. You know what, though, I started out at that level. Yeah, but you're still just bran as man. You guys are making me flush. I love it. I can see it too. I love it. You guys who are listening because it's audio, can't see this, but I'm seriously blushing right now. Definitely see it. I love it. Some do you see me lash a million at a time? All right, so I'm gonna ask a question. Sure. So what is one thing? Because we were talking about the three of us are entrepreneurs or business owners. We have multiple businesses. What do you, what is the one thing that you feel is necessary to be successful in business? Well, it's funny because I was talking about this on the last show. I was recording earlier today. But the biggest thing is to be likeable. And that's different than being liked. Likeable and being liked are two totally different things. People can like my show, but likeable is them like me as a person, which means I resonated with them. I've connected with them. If you think about it, you could make if you're in sales, for example, you can make a presentation. I mean, I've been on this. I've been on tons of presentations like sales presentations for new software, new equipment, whatever, people contact me. I give them that time because I do want to know what's going.

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