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Well do you know your neighbor maybe you say hello when you wave across the driveway when you're both hauling the garbage to the curb maybe you know the first name most of us don't really know our neighbors and for many young people community exists online on Facebook a few dozen people who like the same music but what if the proverbial shy nola really hits the fan the lights go out for an extended period of time will your Facebook friends in can shasha or Cape Town or Liverpool be able to help let's be brutally honest your Facebook friends won't give you a kidney my guest in hours one and two is an expert in urban survival and he says we all need to start thinking about forming real communities with friends and neighbors people we know people we trust because when the lights really go out who are you going to rely on the government Stephan Verstappen is an expert in the art of urban survival and he'll join me next to provide a step by step guide on building your own community as a way to circumvent he says the New World order then coming up in the second half well of course it's Friday and that means open lines use scramble up the TV antenna with a flashlight clenching your teeth you purchase self on a roof and wait and once you see the mother ship passing over flash me three times with.

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