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'cause right now we good as gone yet so you just tell you come on. I wake up already said here. We all these gentlemen steve all morning show happy friday. Ready set steve harvey good morning. There must be called for rail. Thank you steve. Never mad on a friday off. Okay june you go going to bring up those day racing. I got scared for her. Well well well. Jay anthony brown after a full week of work. It's great to see a brydon thing. You geez start any. oh well. it's friday steve nephew tommy. Toby let him speak to mr. Hey hey hey thom- sick sick out dot you'll be beat. The doctor he was he was a wonderful person working with them ways. Sorry nephew scoring on killed. Tablets by year. Jay surely has killed four people on fairly here. Ain't lying. i'm a murderer. What are you saying where you you. You you in excess. Surely if you was a rapid doing a rap battle you the war killing people. Oh god laying duck. It was an oversight work. Oh wow wow reduce man oversight sit up tommy so anyway i was always saying steve is friday. What's up do radio show after this and we'll go hit some golf balls still taking lessons. Everybody i know tiger had a coach. And he was a greater what clicks and you. Okay all right. Click on click coming up with thirty two minutes after the hour as the cielo. Cheaper office steve harvey in the building. Right after this. You're listening to morning show time now for asked the theologian chief level officers steve harvey in the building. This one is for. America has sh- who than i heart radio app listener marrakesh rights. I'm a single mother with an eight year old son vets in after care program Because i've worked two jobs last week. I picked him up from the program and he started telling me about the birds and the bees. He knew most of the correct terms for everything. But i was shocked and irritated that they would tell my child all of this mass without my consent i call the director and she said it's part of their life skills program. My father said to let it go. But i'm still upset. Is this a violation of my parental rights. I mean i don't know if it is not. I can't really help you too much. We did. I mean eight. You probably wasn't ready to have that conversation but you know these kids going now with the internet and all this stuff can be danette. Wreck not be mad. I mean he. He knew the proper terms your eight year in third grade. I if you're a it now well yeah. i don't. i don't know what to tell you. I used wrong terms to lower fifteen. What's probably wouldn't use all street. Thanks to lower income. The real terms was. I would've appreciated knowing educated earlier. I'll uterus thang now know. It's just hardy. Uterus ole own you milking a cow sir. Now i needed to class. When i eight now i think you. I think you're right. He knows now so you teach six and once you have it. You can't just stop having so he's not having it you you you hate on six and her father said to let it go exposed to someone. Yeah i would think. Susan innocent for long at the hospitals girl you want them to saying. Ideally you want them to your geographic geographically. We also had that jc penney's gun laws. Okay you guys now with it. All right patrick and alabama says. I've been with my girlfriend for two years. And i found out she's been cheating on me. She lives with her best friend. Best friend's boyfriend is always at their apartment. The guy recently told a mutual friend of the then. He had threesomes with his girl and mine. He even showed him video. I asked my girl about it and she admitted that it's happened a few times. Do i break up with her to ask her and her best friend for them to still think feel. Oh i would for brokaw. 'cause i mean clearly clearly. They say you're not going down to how with her so tossing. Make the best of the situation in your head right now. You know we see head and your heart. I would go on to act on that. I'd try to at least see. Where wind we dig a few times. I want to do say yeah. You know going to bring up without the wild well drew in the virgin islands writes them at thirty two.

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