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Six thirty live from NPR news. In Washington, I'm Dave Mattingly. President Trump's eldest son, Donald J Trump junior is appearing before the Senate intelligence. Committee today. His closed door. Testimony is expected to focus on answers. He gave to Senate panels about the Trump Tower project in Moscow before the twenty sixteen election later today in Massachusetts. The former sailing coach at Stanford University is being sentenced and federal court in Boston. Prosecutors are seeking more than a year in prison for John van damore in connection with the FBI's college admissions bribery investigation. NPR's tovia Smith says van damore pleaded guilty to labelling students as team recruits in exchange for money for Stanford sailing program often students weren't even athletes doctored photos just made them appear to be in Vanda Moore's case, he's pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy for agreeing to six hundred ten thousand dollars in quid pro quos, prosecutors say he not only defraud at Stanford but also quote validated. A national cynicism over college admissions. A new report is critical of engineers and independence. Specter's last year's deadly collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida international university in Miami. The occupational safety and health administration says officials were aware of extensive cracking before the collapse. But didn't shore up the bridge or close street below. This is NPR news from Washington from K, Q, E, D news. I'm Brian watt. San Francisco is going to stop charging jail inmates for phone calls and stop marking up the cost of items in the jail store. Mayor London breed will announce this this morning. City officials believe this will make San Francisco, the first city in the nation to stop, making money off of incarcerated people and their families cake. Itty politics. Correspondent Maria logos reports for mayor Lennon breed. The issue of expensive jail calls is personal is something that has never sit well with me from personal experience of the collect calls and the amount of money that my grandmother had to spend on our phone Bill and at times are getting cut off because we couldn't pay. The Bill and just not being able to provide sometime support to family members who were behind bars. Breed has a brother serving a forty four year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Her grandmother is exactly the type of person who bears, the brunt of jail fees, according to an analysis by city officials. It found that ninety percent of phone calls and jail store costs, toiletries, and food are paid for by the support networks of incarcerated people. Mostly low income women of color in San Francisco, where the average jail stay is seventy days if an inmate caused their family every day, they'll rack up three hundred.

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