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Alita thanked the sex tape. Bom one derby gumede the final furlong now at the sixteenth bowl. Gumming john velazquez rolling on home to win the breeders cup. Filly and bear sprints all gonna mean welcome to the equine forum dixon outside these to the derby interest. Believe their own footage. Here's whitmore striding forward for the lead pinned a final among pumped up breeders cup sprint. What a day in the career of this seven year old whip four a-rod ortiz. Junior pep won the breeders cup sprint. Now here's anthony stabile good morning and happy new year. Hr nation welcome to the equine forum. Here on the horse racing radio network the big a anthony stabile filling in for the vacationing baron of the backstretch mike panel as we kick off twenty twenty one with the show that launched the network equine form here on h. r. r. n. Hope everybody got their new year off on the right foot at plenty of racing action from across the country yesterday. Alway from academic to the great race play santa. Anita plenty of good action. We saw the first points race of the year as far as the road to the kentucky. Derby is concerned yesterday. Here at acworth with jerome capo. Cain very impressive front running effort and eighty four beyer speed figure and when the calendar turns now that we don't have plenty of re two year old racing right. Bobby newman on race. Day actually pointed out or was the weekend stakes preview. I don't remember this is a little bit of a blur between the holidays. And everything going on There've already been there. Were sixteen points races across the world. Four the one hundred forty seven kentucky derby which is just around. It's amazing you know getting through twenty twenty where just four months from the kentucky derby this year and there's already been sixteen races in twenty twenty four. This year's derby gain had the jerome yesterday here in new york today. Life is good is he. The next bob baffert horse of a lifetime. We'll find out. I guess in park today. In that sham some war kentucky derby points on the line he'll stretch out to turns for the first time and i feel like once the new year comes the attention turns to the kentucky derby which is you know obviously one of the great things about the sport how we love our kentucky derby and attention almost immediately the the christmas christmas tree still up. And there's plenty of derby talked to go around and we'll have a lot of derby talk on the show today. The return of calling all three year olds speaking about newman. We'll hear from bobbi later on the program that the forces presented by smith reform We're going to have A guy who's been a bit of a mentor to me especially in my younger days steve haskins. I mean you think three year olds in the kentucky derby trail. I think a lot of people Who love our sport. Think of steve. Haskins steve will talk to us. We had a couple of calls this week on the net dot com serving the kentucky. Derby as you would expect but more specifically how some of us at the rows of course host that show with me how we go about looking for our derby horse if you will ask. I figured who better to ask. Steve asking who's been covering the derby for the better part of four decades If not more. So we'll talk to steve about that later on the show but i think it's funny. How as soon as the calendar turns we turn to We look down. The trail had now louisville for the kentucky. Derby and i think this year more so than ever after an unusual season last year with the derby back in its first saddening. They spot will be a very special kentucky derby this year and looking forward to getting on the trail or the on the trail here in new york continuing on the trail over the next four months. We have a fun. Show you today billy badge. The executive director of south florida racing operations for the strike group is going to join us. we'll hear from my friend nausea thompson. Who was recently appointed. The executive director of the new york thoroughbred breeders and. He is a board member of new york racing association. Now be good to talk to nausea. Remember nauseous i days at nyra now nauseous over with the new york thoroughbred breeders and on the board of new york racing association Recently retired racetrack announcer. Keith jones from parks keith. Call the races pox thirty three years. You know. i was thinking about this the other day after tom. Durkin marshall cassidy and probably bullet. Bob meyer from yonkers keith. Jones is probably the guy. I've heard the call the most races in my life and i think a lot of us can say that you know i'm forty three years older than a lotta guys and gals in that age bracket keith jones was up. Stay down with. John curran from delaware recently retired and now kief They've rodman the last three musketeers down in the mid atlantic. Dave calls it amazing race. David does a great job. So we'll talk to keith about his fantastic career. We told you about steve. Mike woman from santa anita friend of the program will definitely We'll talk to him about the three year olds and leads to our first poll question of the year sent out a tweet. This warning reminding people that she was minutes. Knock up on me be Filling in for the baroness morning. Steve was nice enough to gain low. Steve dudin off member of the. He's on the nhc tour each and every year. We have We've been making annual wager. We should spend it last year because of the postponement of the kentucky derby. I'm sure we'll visit soon on the call in show But the the standard that is. Will bob baffert win the kentucky. Derby that is stephen. I made the bat. I cashed in two thousand nineteen. Amanda rosa was able to piggyback onto a beautiful meal at steve piccolo. Boost la out here in westbury on long island during belmont stakes week. And i'm sure steve will call in this week or the following week. We'll make the same wager. I present that question to you. Hr nation four months away from the kentucky derby. I didn't feel right giving you the official canton. The baron has to do that when he comes back next week. That's that's his gig. We'll bob baffert win kentucky derby one forty seven hit us up at twitter at hr an answer. The poll question will bob baffert win this year's kentucky derby now it's four months away but we'll start out with the With the steve. Do north big annual wager and Again hit us up at hr and on twitter to answer. The question will read some responses later on in.

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