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Scuba experience your life is online every time you toy with scuba. I just don't. I just don't trust it. You're not a, you're not right and be why you have to do this because something about is gonna make it feel like space you gotta do. So you're one hundred percent on scuba, dude, Cameron. One hundred percent of the Email says they want of space camp. They're not gonna. Tell us the details. Just know that it's a full experience. They don't wanna ruin the surprise. I see. We get like we have like a bag overhead. They drive us to say out in the middle of nowhere like Martius in warehouse where there's a bunch of weird space stuff to disorient us. I don't ever went to space camp. I don't know what I'm talking about here at all, but I feel very safe in saying that the scuba experience is not going to be the only time that your life is in the hands of like technology gear. And it's a very analog year. It's not like it's not like, I'm, you know, depending on self driving tesla here, it's hoses valves and tanks. Very. Imagine. Imagine, Gavin, if you're out on a spacewalk, you're gonna have to trust the equipment that you're using to keep you alive. That's how we are in the school. We are experiencing the fear and the trust. It's a part of the training that the astronauts have to go through Jesse. I'm very snared tongue. Excited. I'm so excited. I can't wait. Wait, makes me nervous that they're like the because they said this Email will outline some of the agenda. And all says, there's no agenda skep- except we need your scuba size. You've gotta. Do scuba was volved with this? Are there are there? Are there sees on Mars that we don't know about? Why are we scooping? Can I be real with you Jesse? Five years ago I went through a divorce. Okay. And it was a tough Let's get get rough. tough season and that summer when I was a newly separated, I was invited out to Bob goff's house in British Columbia, and there was a group of people and we were told to come are invited to come and we didn't know who else was coming and we didn't know what the agenda was. We just knew that Bob was inviting us. I'd never met Bob. I was in a season my life where I was like, why not? Right. So I show up. That's where I met Sean equal. That's where I met some of the people who are now. So my closest friends for the next few days. Bobby also that to breathe air the whole time Jesse without any twos. So during the three days that we were there, we didn't know what was coming on. We didn't know what was the agenda. Then Bob kind of made it seem that there was real, no program our agenda. But if you look back, Bob, had an intention -ality to everything. There is a there was this process of the over the days of learning to let go and to just be free and and like embrace new things. And really I walked away from that experience. What ingrained in me and changed my life forever was say, yes, say yes. When Bob says, hey, do you wanna fill in the blank? You say yes, because there's attention. I mean, of course, I mean, but like we're literally, we found ourselves jump wearing scuba gear and said, I'm going to teach you what it's like on Mars jump at dude. They're like, look. Klaff's in. We're like, we're like doing things were scary and whatever in its formative and changed our lives. I'm just saying Jesse be like Bob and say, yes. Do the scuba actually Cameron wants you to be like Cameron and say, yes. Going to agree to scuba, but. Defied never returned to this pod people. Remember this conversation. Jesse didn't trust his life's tha valves and and and hoses and guess what? It's it's now the Anne Tyler show because. They were partners down there. Don't you have have safety partners on their out? Do you think are going? They're not in the ocean. Jesse. They're probably put you in a pool. We have no idea where they're taking us just watched old old NASA video camera a sheer panic at, you know. Unable to even say, I told you so about his lover and all of this..

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