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You know you wonder you know just how some people are trying vance she said he five years old she got three dogs and uh to wasn't even scalded barbeque penny and um that uh were cheap cloned three dogs for her 14yearold samantha who died 2017 would you want to do that steve cone three dogs from your oldest dog so they're all supposed to be identical to her original i'll tell you why when you look i am a little there's only why well thank the they call them uh canton to your weird in b e t u b two totally oils about uh just show you know things that can things are identical steve want me to absolutely identical they didn't shows the uh uh the owners dog bit she from but uh centreback some pretty good money even note shoes are hurt for any money but but she i think we're doing jimmy you know he wants his car up out the driveway and uh i just wonder how would you feel steve sd card a couple of hours later there calling you didn't as i think i think we might have had that guy is one of our dumb asked of the week nominees last week i think we did something about the gal iftikar car run under some so he jumped in stole it but then when you turn the car off he was unable to get it to start again i don't know if there was one of those fob deals or or what the cases eric quicktime out it is about the way lines wide open it's eight eight eight eight six zero 87 85 on america's struck a network attention all truckers de michael the.

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