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At KRLD's news traffic and weather all news all day NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD your news now He's telling, his side good afternoon it's two thirty I'm John little fired bulk, springs officer ROY Oliver is giving his side of the events that led to the fatal shooting of, a teenager last year he standing trial for murder Oliver. And a partner were, on the scene of a loud party when gunfire was heard and as. He went to investigate Oliver said he thought a, car of teenagers was, trying to hit his partner and that's when he opened fire. Heard some type of pop possible gun shot from inside the car. But that that was after the thing was coming out my. Partner Oliver said it made him sick to learn that he had killed. Fifteen year old Jordan Edwards who was a passenger in the car a former police officer acute accused of being the Golden State, killer is doing court CBS's Craig figure has the details two days, ago we had confirmation this case would not be prosecuted in Orange County this afternoon it moves forward with arraignment. Here In Sacramento I did ask the county sheriff's department to deliver a message to. Joseph Di Angelo the suspect wanted, to know if. He has anything he wants to save, publicly before the arraignment the answer was that he only wants to talk to his attorney he'll be arraigned on. Thirteen counts of murder thirteen, counts, of kidnapping to commit robbery four of the murderers he's charged with happened in Orange. County in the nineteen eighty two in Irvine, to in Dana point heavy rains from hurricane Lehner hitting Hawaii as, the storm approaches the islands broadcast from and with the American Red Cross says they've spent a lot, of time preparing for the situation state of Hawaii the. County's invol- y all, of their partners have been planning for this type of event now for. Years this would be the first landfall in a, long long time if, it happens is a landfall whether it makes landfall or not. It is a dangerous event hurricane conditions are expected by nightfall and. The president issued disaster declaration authorizing FEMA and the department of. Homeland security to coordinate disaster relief Saturday marks one year since hurricane Harvey slammed into the, coast. As a cat four it killed dozens and caused billions of dollars in damage and in the. Aftermath the state set up the rebuild Texas fund we understand that. You know our fund has a finite amount, of dollars and with one hundred and, twenty five plus billion. Dollars of damage that there's only so much you know we can do however we have been quite, successful Christina Cornell with the organization says in addition to repairs they're also funding mental health initiatives a Florida woman is jailed, for trying to forge her way out of paying her power pill investigators. Say the woman lives, in a rural area north of Tampa and used her home computer. To create a, fake money order for fifty thousand dollars to pay, off her. Debt then send it to the, power company the with Likud g. River electric cooperative didn't buy. It they call deputies who say Latorre via Gomez admitted forging the money order secret service is also involves it's it involves a four forged monetary document at last check via gomez was still jailed on two thousand dollars bond real money peter king c._b._s. news orlando k._r._l._d. news time to thirty-three the latest from c._b._s. news c._b._s. news update president trump is once again going after his own attorney general telling fox news that jeff sessions never took control of the justice department after recusing himself from the special counsel's probe he was on the campaign you know the only reason i gave him the job because i felt loyalty he was an original supporter he was on the campaign he knows there was no collusion c._b._s.'s steven portnoy says that prompted a rare public response by the attorney general sessions is fired back in a statement saying he took control of the justice department on the day he was sworn in sessions vows as long as he's attorney general the actions of his department quote will not be improperly influenced by political considerations senator lindsey graham says this is probably the beginning of the end for sessions aboard a office In the country, and.

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